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February 2023 report - ITALY car market

In February, the Italian car market followed the same trend as the other European markets with an increase of 17.5%, the sixth consecutive month of growth. However, at 130,365 units, the Italian car market is still well below the level of the pre-covid years, when it was around 180,000 units, a fall of 27%. It should be noted that the Italian market outperformed the French market in February.

In this context, sales of the

  • ALFA ROMÉO rose by 172.40% to 1,757 units, giving it a market share of 1.35%.

  • CITROËN, down 2.66% to 4,605 units for a market share of 3.53%.

  • DS was up 38.49% to 644 units, giving a market share of 0.49%.

  • FIAT fell 4.74% to 15,306 units for a market share of 11.74%.

  • JEEP were up 32.83% to 6,247 units for a market share of 11.74%.

  • LANCIA fell 36.85% to 2,457 units, giving a market share of 1.88%.

  • MASERATI are 261 units

  • OPEL fell 9.47% to 4,016 units, giving a market share of 3.08%.

  • PEUGEOT are down 6.62% to 6,472 units for a market share of 4.96%.

Overall, Stellantis sales were down 0.55% to 41,765 units for a market share of 32.04%. The group remains a very large leader ahead of Volkswagen (21,885 units for 16.79% but sales up by 41.88%). Citroën is in decline, but more moderately than the other brands. On the other hand, DS is benefiting from the contribution of the DS 4 and is performing well, as is Alfa Romeo, which is benefiting from the Tonale.

In terms of models, the C3 is the best-selling brand with 3,108 units (+20.47%), representing more than 67% of Citroën sales in February. It ranks seventh in overall sales and second in its segment. The C3 Aircross is Citroën's second best-selling model with 1,091 units, it is in 35th place and its sales are down by 11.51%.

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