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Exclusive meeting with Citroën Type Holidays

The Citroën type Holidays in front of its ancestor the legendary Type H

A few days ago, Citroën invited me to discover, in the brand's fabulous conservatory, the very latest Type Holidays, which transforms the wise Citroën Spacetourer into a van with the delicious look of the Type H. Exclusive meeting with this not so trivial concept, which promises to be very interesting.

The first thing that strikes you when you see this latest Type Holidays is its striking resemblance to its ancestor, which is conveniently displayed next to it. Citroën has had legendary models on the market and if the DS, 2Cv, Traction or SM have monopolised the limelight, the Type H is another legendary Citroën that deserves its rightful return to glory with the adoption of the Caselani kit, which had the great idea of transforming the Spacetourer into a modern reinterpretation of its illustrious ancestor.

The market for converted vans is a rapidly growing one, as these vehicles are still of a reasonable size, unlike motorhomes, which, because of their size, are increasingly being moved away from tourist sites. The Citroën Holidays has a length of less than 5 metres, but above all a height of less than 2 metres, which allows it to pass through underground car parks or even those on the beach, where 2 metres is the limit. This is one of its great strengths, which some of its competitors do not offer and which gives the Type Holidays an advantage over the Ford Nugget in particular.

An ingenious, intelligent and high-quality interior

Reserved for 4 passengers, the Citroën Type Holidays promises a large living space where the rear passengers will be completely comfortable during their stay. Sitting on a comfortable two-seater bench, specific to this Type Holidays, the passengers will be able to slide the bench on long rails that run along the floor, sorry the floor, because the interior design includes an imitation parquet floor with the most beautiful effect. This ability to slide the bench allows you to carry as much luggage as possible, while providing a friendly space for the family's needs when required. Living in a converted van transforms the car into a home on wheels and this Type Holidays does everything it can to accommodate its 4 "inhabitants" in the best possible conditions. To this end, the brand has integrated an ingenious table that attaches to the kitchen units, giving the occupants a permanent place to work, play or simply eat. Similarly, the two front seats swivel to form a real cocoon for the family to eat, play or chat in a group of 4. The same table can be cleverly attached to the outside of the Type Holidays kitchen units, but in this case it is reserved for 2-3 people.

On the left-hand side of the vehicle, behind the driver, Citroën has fitted out the vehicle with furniture designed and manufactured by Bravia Mobil, a specialist in solid wood furniture that gives this type of vehicle a warm and cosy atmosphere. All the furniture and equipment is of very high quality and allows you to live in the best conditions. Everything is cleverly designed to take advantage of every corner and offer everything you need: a complete kitchenette (hob, sink, fridge) to make life easier during your stay, such as water for washing up, heated by the solar panels on the roof, or the small shower in the boot, which allows you to rinse your feet or freshen up quickly when you leave.

To accommodate all these beautiful people, Citroën is clever and converts the bench seat into a 1m80 bed, an extension that folds out when the bench seat is extended and which allows two children or even two adults to have all the comforts for a good night's sleep. For the other two passengers, there is a mezzanine bed hidden under the folding roof, providing a large space, the full width of the Type Holidays over its entire length. The roof conceals small tiltable windows, allowing you to spend a night under the stars.

Charming exterior styling

The Citroën Spacetourer goes from being smart to being a nugget under its Type H splendour with this Caselani kit, which is so well adapted that it completely transforms it. The brand's famous practicality is undeniable, especially with the large grille flanked by two large chevrons. This is an excellent opportunity for Citroën to benefit from its partnership with Caselani, as the market for converted vans, in which the brand is well positioned, is becoming increasingly professional, with more and more manufacturers present.

In order to stand out from the crowd, Citroën can rely on its impressive heritage and, in particular, on the traces that the Type H has left in the collective memory to attract a large clientele, a recipe that Volkswagen has followed with some success with the California or the ID Buzz. Since Citroën has a Type H that has become a legend, it would be wrong not to use it to win the public's favour, especially since it is not a neo-retro but a frankly successful evocation that recalls the Type H without reproducing it identically. This gives the Type Holidays a crazy charm that makes you want to get behind the wheel and take the family on an adventure.

In conclusion, with this new Holidays model, the first of a new range called Holidays, which will allow customers to order a converted SpaceTourer directly from the dealer, Citroën is simplifying a process that has so far been very difficult for customers, who have had to look for several suppliers on their own. With this Holidays model, Citroën is therefore teasing this future range, which will be available at the end of the year, and it does so very nicely with a van that offers a warm, clever and high-quality interior in an exterior style that smells of the delights of yesteryear. Only one small regret: the dashboard would have deserved special treatment to be consistent with the exterior style, but the desire to get behind the wheel and go on an adventure with the family is undeniable when looking at this type of Holidays to which, without a doubt, success extends its arms.

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