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Citroën with strong first-half momentum in Germany

The new Citroën C3 in a shade of red

Citroën continues to shine on the German market with a series of remarkable commercial performances since October 2023. The brand with the two chevrons has achieved impressive results, with a significant increase in new registrations and a steadily growing market share.

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), Citroën's registrations increased by 59.8% in the first half of 2024 compared to the same period last year, setting a sales and market share record since 2010. This performance makes Citroën the fastest growing imported brand in Germany in the first half of 2024.

This positive trend is the result of a well-thought-out brand strategy focused on value for money, which is attracting more and more customers. Thomas Goldboom, head of Citroën Germany, underlines: "This new record result clearly shows that we are on the right track with Citroën in Germany. The successful repositioning of the brand and attractive new models such as the new C3 Aircross are winning over many customers with their unique value for money. I would like to thank the entire Citroën sales team and dealers for their contribution to this excellent result. This strategy is particularly visible in the monthly results, with the month of June 2024 recording a 68.7% increase in sales compared to the previous year, confirming the positive momentum started in October 2023.

A winning strategy: Citroën conquers the German market

Citroën's success in Germany is based on several pillars, including the repositioning of the brand and the introduction of attractive new models. The C3 Aircross is a perfect example of this approach, combining modern design, advanced features and unbeatable value for money. These elements have enabled Citroën to attract the attention of a growing number of German consumers looking for vehicles that offer exceptional value for money. The positive market response confirms the effectiveness of this strategy, which has enabled the brand to stand out in a highly competitive sector.

Citroën's efforts to optimise sales and expand its customer base are also supported by a strong sales team and a dedicated dealer network. This synergy played a key role in achieving exceptional results in the first half of the year. The months of March and June were particularly notable, with significant increases in sales, demonstrating the brand's ability to achieve regular and sustainable growth. By consolidating its position in Germany, Citroën is not only reaping the rewards of its efforts, but also paving the way for future expansion in other European markets.

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