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Citroën wins major contract in India

The bosses of Citroën and BluSmart in India

Since the beginning of the year, Citroën has been undergoing a major restructuring in India, where the brand is aware of the difficulties and intends to take the bull by the horns in order to grow in this huge and difficult market. The agreement signed yesterday with BluSmart, the car-sharing company, will give it wings as Citroën has won a major supply contract that will do it a lot of good.

Citroën has signed a major agreement with one of the main charging networks in India to supply thousands of Citroën ë-C3s for the operator's fleet. This one-year agreement aims to strengthen BluSmart's current fleet of 7,000 vehicles, which will be considerably reinforced by the electric Citroën C3, as the agreement covers 4,000 units.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed today, Monday 18 March, at BluSmart's electric vehicle charging superhub in Bangalore, with the first tranche of deliveries including 125 ë-C3 in BluSmart colours. For Shishir Mishra, the brand new Director of Citroën in India, "this collaboration between Citroën and BluSmart Mobility signifies a shared vision of a sustainable future in the field of electric mobility and reaffirms our commitment to shaping a cleaner and healthier environment. a greener transport ecosystem".

For his part, Anmol Jaggi, co-founder and CEO of BluSmart, said, "With a shared vision of achieving net-zero mobility and providing high standards of vehicle safety, Citroën is the ideal partner for BluSmart. With a mission to decarbonise mobility at scale, we are committed to building a comprehensive electric vehicle mobility ecosystem in India, encompassing the country's largest all-electric ride-hailing service and an extensive network of electric vehicle charging superhubs. "As more OEMs embrace e-mobility and our fleet grows, we are ready to meet the growing demand for ride-sharing services in megacities, while offering drivers a diverse range of advanced electric vehicles."

This agreement will be extremely beneficial for Citroën in India because, in addition to the additional volumes it will generate, it will above all allow users to test these Citroën C3s and potentially convince them to buy them, thus generating additional volumes. It will also significantly increase the brand's visibility in India, putting an additional 4,000 cars on the road in a year, allowing consumers to see the cars and possibly take an interest in them. Excellent news for Citroën in India, 2024 is inexorably a year of change for the brand which, in a few months, has announced additional safety equipment, the adoption of an automatic gearbox on the C3 Aircross and which reserves other new features, including an important one which will be revealed in a few days.

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