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Citroën sharply cuts prices in Germany

The entire Citroën range, front view

A few weeks ago, Citroën embarked on a process of simplifying its range with a reduced number of options and finishes, with the aim of making the purchase process easier for the customer and strengthening the industrial process in order to improve quality and reduce delivery times.

This range, grouped around three levels of finishes, is set to expand throughout the world - the recent launch of the C3 Aircross in India is proof of this - and therefore inevitably in Europe, where the brand is gradually introducing its new finishes and redesigns to its ranges. In France, the situation has not changed much, with the new finishes very often tending to overlap with the old ones and their Pack derivatives; the Plus finish, for example, is mostly wedged between the old Feel finishes and their Feel Pack derivatives. In Germany, however, the situation is different, as the brand has announced significant price reductions, making all models much more competitive.

Patrick Dinger, head of Citroën Germany, explains: "For 104 years, Citroën has offered affordable mobility with unique design and comfort. Iconic models such as the 2CV or the Ami have opened up new horizons in individual transport - with incomparable design and affordable for all - typically Citroën: For everyone, like no one else. This is where we want to return. The current price spiral is getting worse - it is time to reverse the trend and give more people access to affordable mobility. That is why we are now significantly reducing the prices of our cars. We will continue to offer our customers comfortable, attractive and affordable cars.

Citroën is responding to high energy and fuel prices in the interests of its customers, for whom the price of a new car is now a crucial factor in the face of high inflation. As customer well-being and affordable mobility have always been core values of the Citroën brand, it is time to counteract price increases: Citroën is now significantly reducing the list prices of its passenger car range in Germany by up to €6,000! This represents an average reduction of 13% across the range, making it more competitive.

This price adjustment is made possible by a commercial strategy optimised in line with the brand's values, without sacrificing profitability. By reducing list prices, Citroën is creating a uniform price level and limiting individual discounts at dealerships. For customers, this means greater price transparency from the outset and better comparability between online and offline sales.

List prices will be reduced differently according to segment and engine type, resulting in the following changes for the models in the range:

  • The Citroën C3 is reduced from €2,450 to €12,690.

  • The Citroën C3 Aircross is reduced from €4,170 to €18,890.

  • The Citroën C4 is reduced from €5,520 to €19,490.

  • The Citroën ë-C4 is reduced from €1,950 to €35,590.

  • The Citroën C4 X is reduced from €5,120 to €19,890.

  • The Citroën ë-C4 X is reduced from €1,550 to €35,990.

  • The Citroën C5 Aircross is reduced by €6,000 to €24,690.

  • The Citroën C5 X is reduced from €5,360 to €32,490.

The situation varies from country to country, and a radical change in philosophy cannot happen overnight, but only in stages. The brand has already announced its new range in most European countries, but the price reductions have not been as significant as in Germany, which may mean that the brand can afford to make all its ambitions in Germany, but not yet throughout Europe. It could also mean that, in the not too distant future, a price reduction of this magnitude could be made everywhere else, which would inevitably make the Citroën range more competitive in the face of competition where prices are sometimes unbelievably low. .

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