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Citroën Oli named Best Electric Concept Car in the UK

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The Citroën oli concept, unveiled in September 2022, represents a radical and counter-current approach to the electric vehicle. With the aim of being as light as possible in order to be efficient and offer 400 km of autonomy, the oli concept is full of tricks that only Citroën can pull off. This ingenuity led to the oli being named Best Electric Concept Car by Top Gear magazine.

With its innovative approach to the future of mobility, offering an affordable, lightweight, versatile electric family car that meets the challenges of society, oli goes against the current trend of ever more powerful, heavier and more expensive vehicles. The judges praised Citroën for introducing ideas to increase the durability and affordability of electric vehicles, such as seat backs that use 80% fewer parts than traditional seats. Using recycled and recyclable materials, Oli is designed to improve durability and reliability, making it accessible to as many people as possible.

Top Gear editor Jack Rix said: "Citroën's latest 'wouldn't it be great if' looks like a moon buggy dropped from orbit by a rocket, but the thought is deeply down to earth. . If some of the ideas distilled in building the Oli can become mainstream, then the electric vehicle revolution may have a chance of being affordable - and sustainable - for everyone."

Greg Taylor, the new managing director of Citroën UK, said: "I'm delighted that Top Gear has chosen Oli as the best electric concept for 2023. Oli represents the creativity that Citroën is known for through the use of 100% recycled materials, lightweight construction and streamlined production processes. It's fantastic that Oli continues to be recognised for its innovative approach to the future of electric mobility.

Inevitably, Citroën has pulled off a major coup with the launch of the Oli, which breaks the established order to reinvent the electric car with the desire to finally make it accessible to all. This award comes on top of a very good reception for the brand's concept, which shows that it still has all its audacity in its DNA.

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