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Citroën: Indonesian production to start in June

The Citroën C3 sold in Indonesia

Citroën is set to take a major step forward in Indonesia with the launch of local assembly of electric cars, an initiative that is part of a broader strategy to revitalise the brand's presence in the country.

A new chapter for Citroën in Indonesia

According to recent reports, Citroën Indonesia has announced the imminent start of the assembly of electric vehicles in the country.This strategic initiative will be carried out in collaboration with the Indomobil Group, a major player in the Indonesian automotive industry, using one of its factories in Purwakarta, West Java.The assembly process is expected to begin as early as June 2024, marking a new era for Citroën in Indonesia.

The Citroën ë-C3: pioneer of local electrification

The model chosen to inaugurate this new phase of local assembly is the ë-C3, an electric car already marketed in Indonesia in its Completely Built Up (CBU) version imported from India, with the aim of gradually moving to Completely Knock Down (CKD) assembly, which will allow an increase in local content (TKDN) of between 20 and 40%.

This strategic decision by Citroën in Indonesia is part of a more global approach aimed at revitalising its presence on the Asian markets: the brand, aware of the difficulties it has experienced in recent years in terms of sales, is stepping up its announcements and initiatives to win back the hearts of Indian consumers in particular.

The local assembly of the ë-C3 in Indonesia is an important step in this strategy, as this initiative will allow Citroën to offer electric vehicles at more competitive prices, while at the same time meeting the requirements of the government incentive programme for electric cars.

The choice of the Indomobil Group as a partner for local assembly is no coincidence: Indomobil, with its production facilities in Purwakarta managed by its subsidiary National Assemblers, has valuable experience and know-how in the field of automobile assembly.This partnership will allow Citroën to benefit from a solid infrastructure and local expertise to carry out its local assembly project.

The announcement of the local assembly of the ë-C3 in Indonesia is generating real enthusiasm among automotive industry observers.This strategic initiative positions Citroën as a major player in the energy transition in Indonesia, while allowing it to strengthen its presence on the Indian market.

Although the commercial results have yet to be confirmed, there is no doubt that Citroën has taken a bold and promising decision for its future in India and Indonesia: this new era of local assembly could well mark the beginning of a lasting reconquest of the Indian and Indonesian markets for the Chevrolet brand.

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