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Citroën Ë-C4 x test drive : electric and adorable

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With the new C4 X, Citroën is entering a new segment by offering competition to the Renault Arkana, which is a success in France. The C4 X is also part of a new generation of cars that aims to bring back the saloon car, thanks to the efficiency offered by electric motors. What does the new C4 X offer in its electric version?

There is no need to describe the C4X in detail here, everyone knows its lines by now. But seeing this new family saloon on the road allows you to appreciate its more fluid and elegant lines than many SUVs. All in all, the 24 cm extension of the boot makes it possible to modify the proportions of the C4 X, which appears lower than its 5-door sister. After a tidal wave of SUVs, having to do with a real sedan is happy and if it takes some of the SUV codes, it undeniably keeps this charm of classic sedans.

With a multi-energy platform, the C4 X offers both thermal engines and an electric version to satisfy each of the customer's needs, who will see in the 4 engines offered a version corresponding to their needs, which is rare enough to underline. This also means that the platform is not only designed for electric motors and that the solution is therefore not optimal.

A modest but very pleasant electric car

The C4 X takes the 136 bhp engine of the C4 and combines it with a 50 kWh battery. The brand's new model still does not benefit from the latest Stellantis electric motor, but it has an important advantage for it.

Indeed, as with the C4, Citroën has done wonders with the C4X, whose aerodynamics have been worked so well that it is the most efficient of the Stellantis cars with this motorisation, although it is by far the longest. This means that the brand's teams have worked well to give this ËC4 X a sufficient range of 360 km for everyday use, especially as this new family saloon can be economical.

Thus, during the 800 km of this test, including almost 500 on the motorway, the C4 X was satisfied with a measured consumption of 17 kWh, which allows, in real conditions, to approach 300 km on a single charge, thus corresponding to the average trips of a week. The C4 X was even able to be satisfied with 16.5 kWh on the motorway (limited to 110 km/h), which is astonishing for a technology that is not the latest or, in any case, the most modern. It is a real performance that must be emphasised because the motorway is not the ideal field for electric vehicles and this C4 X knows how to be more economical compared to similar vehicles immediately thought of for electric motorisation, such as the Renault Mégane e-tech. This is all the more remarkable as the outside temperature of around 10°C is not the best for an electric car, so it is a good performance that this C4 X has managed to achieve and it shows the talent of the brand's teams, who have managed to do better with less than most of their competitors.

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In addition to its autonomy, an electric vehicle is also appreciated for its smoothness.

This is what strikes you at the wheel of this C4 X, especially since it is, basically, of exquisite sweetness with its flexible steering, its easily accessible controls or its royal comfort. In the 100% electric version, there is also the absence of mechanical noise and the fluidity of the electric motor, which is powerful enough to be easily integrated into traffic without having to force it, without having to accelerate too much, in short, with total ease. Suffice it to say that this C4 X is a car that is extremely appreciated in the home and that it knows how to make the smallest journey of everyday life.

Especially as it is very liveable like its 5-door sister and has a very developed sense of welcome. Once is not custom, it is from the back that this test gives priority. Its length at the knees is one of the best, if not the best of its segment, the cellars for the feet allow them to slide under the front seats while the more inclined folder gives excellent postural comfort. Similarly, the bench, soft at will, maintains the thighs very well unlike many of its rivals including the very mediocre e-tech mega on this plan. This C4 X has a real sense of reception that makes journeys very pleasant, the people transported to the prices of this test are guarantors.

At the front, we find the familiar environment of the C4 with a horizontal dashboard that has the good sense not to invade the cabin. The space for the driver and front passenger is therefore quite sufficient and pleasant, with each having all the space necessary to be adorned for the journey. Because this C4 X makes you want to drive, as we are there inside and so much its behaviour is pleasant. Sure, it is not very dynamic, but is that really the purpose of a family car? On the other hand, the comfort it offers to all passengers, its habitability and its practicality make life on board very pleasant for each of the passengers.

Even the boot, with a capacity of 510 litres, is guaranteed to take your luggage. So, yes, the question of the boot does arise, but this choice is actually very relevant. Because who really needs a boot every day? For those who do, Citroën offers the C5 Aircross with similar exterior dimensions and interior. For the rest of us, who only need a tailgate a few times a year, the C4 X is completely convincing, its boot is long, wide and the opening of the boot gives excellent access. The only regret is that Citroën did not opt for cylinders to open the boot instead of hinges, which are bulky and limit the boot's width.

In conclusion, the C4 X is a real family saloon and in this respect it reminds me of the Xantia, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Like it, the C4 X is habitable, like the Xantia, the C4 X is very comfortable and pleasant for each of the occupants, the C4 X is quite discreet and is not in exaggeration like the Xantia which was D 'crazy elegance in resolutely discreet lines. Yes, I dare to make the parallel between the two cars because I liked this C4 X and I knew how to seduce many of the passers-by encountered during this test which, for the most part, found that this new C4 X was the most cars previously tried. This C4 X is fully relevant in the brand's offer, which plays on its complementarity with the C5 Aircross, it is habitable, comfortable, gentle, remarkably efficient and relatively affordable compared to other market stars. In short, this C4 X is becoming known because, without a doubt, spending some time with it is to adopt it definitively ... like the Xantia. I would have kept it much longer if it had not been so difficult to return it.

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