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Citroën continues its success in Greece

The Citroën C3 in a blue tint

After a record year in 2023 on the Greek market, which saw the brand's sales soar, Citroën continues its momentum in 2024 and, after a January in which the C3 led the market, closes the month of February with a further increase in sales and second place in sales, making Citroën the leading Stellantis brand in Greece.

In a market up 15% to 11,451 units sold, Citroën's sales rose by 9.4% to 1,003 units, giving it a market share of 8.8% and putting it in second place behind Toyota (1,790 units, +44.6%). The podium is completed by Peugeot, which sold 992 units but saw a 24.2% drop in sales.

In terms of models, the C3 is Citroën's best-selling model with 653 units sold in February and second in overall sales with a market share of 5.7%, ahead of the Toyota Yaris (712 units) but ahead of the Peugeot 2008 (555 units). If the C3 represents a large part of the brand's sales, Citroën can also count on the C3 Aircross, which entered the top 10 in February with 253 units sold, an increase of 26.5%, giving it a market share of 2.2%. In terms of other models, Citroën sold 46 C5 Aircross, up 91.7%, and 35 Citroën C4 with sales up 250%, making it the best-selling French compact sedan and the Stellantis compact sedan also the best-selling compact sedan.

Since the beginning of the year, the Greek car market is up 18.1% to 24,203 units, in which Citroën stands out as the brand's sales are up 17.2% with 2,281 units, allowing it to have a market share of 9.4% and rank third in sales, only 2 units behind Peugeot (2,283 units, +1%) but quite far from Toyota (3,738 units, +55.5%), first on the Greek market.

However, in terms of models, the C3 is the best-selling car in the first two months of the year with 1,717 units and a sales increase of 18.6%. It is ahead of the Toyota Yaris (1,650 units, +69.4%) and the Peugeot 2008 (1,231 units, +218.1%). The Citroën C3 Aircross is the brand's second bestseller with 373 units, but with sales down by 12%, it is 16th in terms of sales, up three places compared to 2019. Finally, the C4 is Citroën's third best seller with 89 units and a 270.8% increase in sales; it should be noted that it is also the third best seller on the electric car market and even second in the electric C-segment alone with 30 units.

The month of February thus confirms the excellent health of Citroën on the Greek automobile market, which not only shows a good performance on the passenger car side, but also on the commercial vehicle side, as the brand sees its market share increase in 2024 to reach 9.87%, thus gaining more than 1 point of market share compared to 2023, which allows it to rank 4th in terms of sales. On the overall market (VP+LCV), Citroën's sales thus reached 2,454 units, which puts it in third place on the Greek market with a market share of 9.44%, 0.01 points behind Peugeot.

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