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Citroën confirms its success in Greece in October 2023 with two models in the top 5

The Citroën C3 in a red color with black roof

Since the beginning of the year, Citroën has enjoyed a series of successes on the Greek market, with significant increases in sales. This trend continued in October, when the brand not only recorded one of the strongest increases on the market, but also placed two models in the top 5 in terms of sales.

Citroën is therefore experiencing real success in Greece, with sales exploding since the beginning of the year, a performance that the brand confirmed in October. In a market that grew by 44.8% with 11,282 units sold, Citroën recorded an increase of 294.7% to 746 units, putting it in 5th place in terms of sales with a market share of 6.6%. Citroën is the second brand in the Stellantis group, just ahead of Opel, which also recorded a very strong increase in sales (+486.7% to 751 units).

However, the brand with the two chevrons is the only one to have two of its models in the top 5 in terms of sales on the Greek market in October, with the C3 and C3 Aircross, which have made a tremendous progress. The C3 is up 1257.7% (!) on the Greek market, with 353 units sold and a market share of 3.1%, making it the third best-selling Stellantis car and the first French car. It is followed by the C3 Aircross, whose sales increased by 1589.5% (!!) to 321 units, making it fourth in sales and second in its segment.

For the year as a whole, the brand's performance was also impressive. With 7,933 units sold since 1 January, Citroën's sales were up 134.6%, the highest increase of any brand on the Greek market. With a market share of 6.9%, the brand moved up 6 places in the sales rankings to take fifth place. The performance of the C3 was also strong, with an increase of 85.3% to 4,214 units and a market share of 3.6%, making it the third best-selling car on the Greek market. However, the C3 Aircross performed even better, with a 357.3% increase in sales to 1,916 units, moving up no less than 41 places in the sales ranking to 17th place. It should be noted that in the same period the Greek market grew by 27.6% to 115,792 units.

The only downside is that Citroën's sales are dominated by the C3 and C3 Aircross, which together account for no less than 90% of the brand's sales, leaving the other models with crumbs. Since the beginning of the year, the C4, Citroën's third best-seller, has sold 851 units, an increase of 114.9%, making it the best-selling compact sedan in France, ahead of the Peugeot 308 (613 units) and the Opel Astra (238 units). To the sales of the C4 should be added those of the C4 X, of which 557 units were sold in the first ten months of the year. The brand's 4-door family saloon is ahead of the C5 Aircross, whose sales increased by 154.5% to 341 units.

In conclusion, Citroën has seen a significant increase in its sales on the Greek market, an increase which is not only due to the market, as the latter does not show the same performance. The brand is the fastest growing on the Greek market, with a significant increase in all models from the C3 to the C5 Aircross, including several models that are Stellantis' best-sellers. At this rate, Citroën is heading for a record year on the Greek market and is off to a good start in 2024, when the arrival of the new C3 should allow it to record a further increase in its sales.

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