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Citroën C4: Stellantis' best-selling car in Germany

The Citroën C4 in red bodywork with black roof seen from behind

A few days ago, I spoke to you about the sales figures for the Citroën C4 in Europe, highlighting the difference in commercial performance between France and Europe. Today, a new presentation with the latest sales figures in Germany, for the month of November 2023, shows that the C4 is achieving an astonishing performance there.

In November, Citroën achieved a new performance in Germany with sales up by more than 46%, giving it a market share of 1.4% after October, when it was the fastest growing imported brand. In this particular market of Germany, the figures available here are those of sales to individuals, which represented 35.1% of sales on the German market in November 2023, i.e. a total of 86,241 units out of the 245,701 units sold during the month. It can be seen here that sales to private individuals, the most important market segment since it is "real" people who buy their cars, represent a much smaller share in Germany than in France.

It is therefore the private sales market that we are interested in today and on which the Citroën C4 is performing very well. Indeed, with 633 units sold, its sales increased by 57.4% compared to November 2022, but above all, it is the best-selling compact sedan in Stellantis, ahead of the Opel Astra, even though it is assembled in the country. The Citroën C4 is even the Stellantis car best sold to individuals on the German market in November. Its rivals in the group were far behind, as the Opel Astra sold 568 units (+17.8%), the Peugeot 308 275 units (+43.4%) and the DS 4 16 units (+26.2%).

The Citroën C4 thus accounted for more than 19% of Citroën's total sales on the German market and is the brand's best-selling car, ahead of the Jumper (398 units) and the C3 (382 units).

For the year as a whole, the C4 sold 2,645 units (+39%), ahead of the Peugeot 308 (1,290 units +24.4%) but ahead of the Opel Astra (3,369 units +15.3%).

In conclusion, these new figures confirm that there is no problem with the product, as the C4 has achieved an astonishing performance in the very difficult German market, being the first car to be sold in Stellantis. The recent price cuts by Citroën, which have reduced prices by an average of 13%, have allowed the C4 to increase its sales, even if it has grown significantly over the year and is now very much ahead of the Peugeot 308, which is supposed to be better suited to the tastes of German customers looking for a premium car. Of course, these are only figures for sales to private individuals, a segment that represents only 35.1% of the German market, the majority being sold to companies, but this segment is important because it concerns real buyers who choose a car that meets their needs. their tastes, their needs and their budget, they have clearly found in the Citroën C4 the best compromise of all the Stellantis brands.

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