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Citroën C4: production at Madrid plant to rise sharply in 2023

The Citroën C4 on the assembly lines at the Madrid factory

The Stellantis factory in Madrid manufactures the Citroën C4 and C4X in their thermal and electric versions for the whole world. 2023 ends with production rising sharply, particularly to meet demand for C4X, which sells particularly well in Tunisia and which allowed the Madrid factory to open a third production team a few months ago.

The Madrid plant is one of three Stellantis plants in Spain, making it the country's leading manufacturer. While Vigo and Zaragoza produce several models, the Madrid plant is dedicated exclusively to the production of the Citroën C4 and C4X for the whole world.

In 2023, the Madrid plant produced 105,830 units, an increase of 29% compared to 2022, of which about 24% of production concerned electric motors, an increase of 9% compared to last year. I'm afraid I don't have the details by model, but the C4 represents the majority of the models manufactured, the contribution of the C4X allowed the factory to cross the threshold of 100,000 units manufactured annually. With 105,830 units produced, it has a capacity utilisation of more than 75%, as the Madrid plant has an assembly capacity of 140,000 cars per year, so there is still room to increase sales of the C4 and C4X.

In 2023, the Madrid plant will take a new step in the energy transition begun in 2021. In fact, the second phase of its photovoltaic installation was installed, increasing the site's capacity to cover 35% of its electricity needs, or more than 8,000 MWh/year, significantly reducing emissions. With this photovoltaic plant, the Madrid factory is in line with Stellantis' ambition to be a net carbon producer by 2038.

The contribution of C4X enabled the Madrid plant to increase its workforce to 1,200 people thanks to the opening of a third team, which finally saw the light of day in 2023, after a first attempt had to be abandoned in 2022 due to a lack of components. In conclusion, these figures are not surprising in that production difficulties were drastically reduced in 2023 compared to 2022, which naturally led to an increase, reinforced by the arrival of the C4 received in Tunisia (more than 1,300 units sold in November), which allowed the opening of a third team, leading us to believe that production should increase further in 2024, as the third team will be present throughout the year, enough to ensure a future for the Madrid factory.

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