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Citroën C4: Excellent results at the 2023 Driver Power Awards in the United Kingdom

The Citroën C4 seen from the front with a red tint.

A few weeks ago, the Citroën C4 won a major award in the UK by being voted Best Car to Own, a sign that the car's many qualities have won over its customers. But the C4 also scored highly in the Driver Power Awards organised by Auto Express, showing that this is an excellent car.

With a score of 93.39%, the Citroën C4 is therefore the best car to own in the UK, beating its predecessors by a wide margin, as the second car is the Kia Sorento (92.44%), followed by the Lexus RX (92.15%). Knowing that the 7 cars that make up the top 10 are separated by 0.46%, we can better measure the remarkable performance of the C4, which puts the Kia Sorento almost 1% behind, a sign that it has a truly exceptional score.

This result is mainly due to the excellent scores it received in the 20 categories that make up the survey, in which the C4 came out on top several times. For example, it came first in the smoothness category, as expected from a Citroën, but it also came third in the ride and handling category and first in the overall quality category. The C4 also comes fourth for reliability, economy and maintenance costs, sixth for the number and ease of use of safety features and seventh for braking, steering and driving pleasure.

In the categories relating to life on board, the Citroën C4 comes second for front seat comfort, fourth for interior quality and fifth for style. In terms of practicality, the C4 is 10th for modularity, but falls short in terms of boot space, where it is only 32nd. A third place for child friendly features restores the balance. The Citroën C4 therefore scores an excellent performance with top rankings in six main categories, to which it adds four other rankings in the following categories, making it unbeatable and enabling it to win the 2023 Driver Power Award.

Amidst all this positivity, negative ratings are rare as there are only two categories where the C4 is in the bottom half of the table: touchscreen sensitivity and visibility. (59th place), but this should be remedied with the new multimedia system. The only disappointing result is for visibility from the driver's seat, where the C4 comes 68th, although this was one of its strong points when it adopted the driving position and visibility offered by SUVs. Perhaps the low height of the windscreen explains this score.

Be that as it may, the C4 achieves excellent scores in the various categories that make up this award, with performances that place it at the top of its category and explain its final score. A clear indication that this third generation C4 has qualities that appeal to its owners and that it is a true compact family saloon that meets the needs of all family members.

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