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Citroën C4: 27 units for border guards in Poland

The electric Citroën C4 which will be used for border guards in Poland

The electric Citroën C4 is one of the rare compact saloons that combines electric power and spaciousness with first-class comfort. The electric Citroën C4 has all these qualities, which explains why it has been chosen by the Polish border guards, who have taken delivery of 27 vehicles.

Following a major order for the C4 in France, the advantage is that these vehicles, which will be used throughout Poland in the various border protection missions, particularly at airports and in neighbouring towns, will give the C4 greater visibility and therefore easier access. in the minds of consumers who will be able to think about it when renewing their car.

Several Citroën c4s delivered to border guards in Poland

This order was placed several weeks ago and all the vehicles have recently been delivered and are already in service. The order is for 27 units at a total cost of 5.8 million zlotys, or almost 1,350,000 euros, an average of 200,000 zlotys per C4, or about 46,150 euros, including the purchase of the vehicle and its specific equipment, namely its preparation for service, i.e. the necessary means of communication and marking.

The C4s ordered are all 100% electric and will replace the Renault Zoé and Peugeot Rifter vehicles currently used by the border guards. The C4 is thus conquering a new clientele and Citroën is strengthening its presence on the Polish market with these 27 units, which will be very visible and will undoubtedly help to increase the C4's presence on Polish roads.

Citroën had a very successful month in Poland in September, particularly in the commercial vehicle segment, and repeated this performance in October with sales up by 80%, increasing its market share by 1 point to 2.67%. The brand's performance in commercial vehicles is ahead of that in passenger cars, to which the 27 C4s for the Border Guard will contribute, and should allow the brand to see its sales recover, particularly thanks to the next C3, for which orders have already been placed. Good hopes therefore for Citroën in the coming months, which is showing itself to be more combative and conquering with, as a result, large orders from municipalities.

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