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Citroën C3: the €89/month offer is still available in March!

The current Citroën C3 in a red color

While its successor is getting closer to its official launch, the current generation Citroën C3 continues to be a huge success, allowing the brand to see a resurgence in sales in recent months. This success is due to an aggressive pricing policy that makes the C3 very accessible and attracts customers, which is why Citroën has decided to continue these exceptional offers.

While the €89 per month offer was only supposed to last for the duration of the last Open Days in January 2024, which were a great success for the brand, Citroën has decided to continue the operation throughout the month of February. on the C3 in stock, with success since sales of the brand's versatile saloon jumped 61% last month.

Citroën would therefore be wrong not to continue this momentum and continues to offer the C3 at 89 €/month throughout the month of March and in particular for the next Open Days which will take place on 16 and 17 March, on which Citroën intends to continue. to collect numerous orders and to empty the stocks of C3 available in the network before the transition to the new generation.

As a reminder, the offer on the C3 You at €89/month therefore concerns vehicles only available in stock and consists of an initial rental of €3,500 before a long-term rental of 48 months and 40,000 km with 47 months at €89/month. It concerns the entry-level You finish, which costs €16,590 new and is equipped with the 83 hp Puretech petrol engine.

In conclusion, Citroën has wisely placed the price of its C3 with the result of a great success in orders and sales, since this offer concerns only vehicles immediately available in stock, throughout the territory, since the stock is shared, which means that if the C3 you want is not available in your dealer, it is possible to have it delivered by a dealer who has one. The end of the current generation C3 is imminent and should take place in May, Citroën has available stock which allows it to make attractive offers while allowing customers to benefit from a comfortable and well-equipped car for a low monthly payment.

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