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Citroën C3: the €89/month offer extended

Citroën C3 in profile in red colour with white roof

Since June 2023, Citroën has been offering the C3 You in France for €99/month with a €3,500 deposit, an offer that has been so well received that it has been constantly extended, even though it was only supposed to last one month. For the January Open Days, the brand made an extra effort by selling the C3 You for €89 per month, an offer it decided to extend for a few days.

In fact, the unique C3 You offer, available from €89 per month, was due to end on 22 January, a few days after the Open Days weekend, which was an opportunity for the brand to reach a record level of orders. The new ë-C3 was the big winner of the operation, upsetting the usual order which saw the current generation of C3 at the top of the sales charts.

As a result, a few units remain in stock and Citroën has decided to extend this C3 offer at €89/month in the You version until 2 February, which will allow the brand to obtain additional orders for vehicles available immediately, which will also have an immediate impact on registrations. This C3 offer at €89 per month, the first instalment of which is increased to €3,500 as before, lasts 48 months for 40,000 km and concerns a C3 in You version equipped with the 83 bhp Puretech petrol engine combined with the manual gearbox available as standard and without option.

In conclusion, here is another opportunity to benefit from a C3 at a very affordable price, which can therefore be ordered until 2 February before returning to the previous price of €99/month. The offer, which is only available from stock, should also allow Citroën to clear its stocks and thus affect the registration figures for January and February, as there may still be a delay of a few days between order and delivery. .

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