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Citroën C3: on the way to new features in Brazil?

The Citroën C3 in Brazil in a blue tint

The Citroën C3 has been marketed in Brazil since November 2022 and is sold there with two engines, including the latest 1.0 Firefly from FCA for the entry-level version. For the more powerful versions, the C3 uses the 1.6 PSA, but this could change soon.

For almost a year and a half, the Citroën C3 has been sold on the Brazilian market with some success, as it is still in 5th place in its segment. Sold at competitive prices, the C3 is even the cheapest automatic car on the Brazilian market since the introduction of the Live version equipped with such a gearbox. Until now, the small Citroën has been sold with two engines, including one of FCA origin, the 70 bhp 1.0 Firefly.

It is still from the organ bank of the ex-FCA that Citroën will draw to equip the C3 with a new engine since it seems that the brand will soon abandon the 120 hp 1.6 engine that it used until 'now to replace it with a 1.0 displacement Firefly engine for equivalent power.

Citroën already uses this engine in the new C3 Aircross, which is only available on the Brazilian market with a single engine called Turbo 200 in dual fuel mode. Developing a power of 120 bhp on petrol, it offers up to 130 bhp on ethanol, enough to ensure very interesting performance for the brand's small sedan.

This is not the only new feature that the C3 will see this year, as rumours are circulating about the arrival of a new instrument cluster in place of the current one. Again, there is no need to look far, as Citroën will simply take the 7-inch digital instrument panel from the C3 Aircross and install it on the C3, which will thus gain in modernity with a customisable coloured instrument panel. These new features will be followed by other lighter ones, including new alloy wheels.

To sum up, Citroën is actively working on the regular updating of the C3 to make it more modern and better equipped where it was previously a little too limited. With the arrival of this new turbo engine, the current 1.6 will be phased out, but the C3 will remain the cheapest turbo saloon on the Brazilian market. The new mechanical and aesthetic features should take place during the first half of the year, probably by June.

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