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Citroën C3: a breathtaking end to its career

The current Citroën C3 in a red color

In a few months' time, the third generation Citroën C3 will disappear from the scene in favour of a fourth generation with great qualities and the difficult task of following in the footsteps of an incredible generation. Since its launch, the current C3 is the first generation to have enjoyed such consistent success and to have regularly been the top-selling car in Europe. A few months before its retirement, it is still performing incredibly well.

In fact, the current generation C3 continues to perform astonishingly well, even though it is less than six months away from being replaced by the all-new C3. The latter, with an electric version designed to be accessible, will be able to rely on a very solid customer base to achieve even better sales figures.

After strong performances in Italy, Greece and France, the current generation C3 is continuing its success story with astonishing consistency. With 14,592 units sold in October, it is the sixth best-selling car in Europe, ahead of the Peugeot 208. Even better, the C3 is the third best-selling car in its segment, and the first Stellantis versatile saloon is a stunning performance for a car that will be discontinued in the next six months. These figures have to be put into perspective with the performance of the first two generations of the C3, which literally collapsed in their last three years on the market. This is not the case with the current generation, which not only continues to perform excellently, but is even doing better than in 2022 and has even taken the lead in sales in some countries.

In fact, the Citroën C3 took the lead in sales in Serbia for the month of October, where it recorded an increase in sales of 81.3% to 116 units in a market that only grew by 3.4%. Of course, these sales are anecdotal because of the small quantity, but they show that the current C3 continues to be successful and perform well despite being one of the oldest in its segment, without hybrid or electric engines and with an outdated multimedia system. However, it retains its advantages, in particular its comfort and its personalisation, without forgetting the exceptional offers that the brand makes in several countries to attract as many customers as possible.

Undoubtedly, the current generation of the C3 has proven to be astonishing in terms of sales and has allowed Citroën to regain its colours and even avoid sinking completely in recent months. Its astonishingly consistent success allows the brand to still stand tall and look to the future with interest, relying on the new C3 to help it get back on its feet. The latter retains the advantages of the current model, which it further improves, particularly in terms of comfort, while finally offering a 100% electric version that costs less than €25,000, making it one of the most affordable electric cars. more accessible. A good omen for the continuation of the trend started by the current generation?

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