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Citroën Basalt: production starts in India

The Citroën Basalt in a yellow hue

The end of a busy six months for Citroën, which is about to launch the new C3 Aircross in Europe and will soon launch the SUV coupé version called Basalt. The Citroën Basalt, a vision that has become a reality, completes the range of vehicles designed to strengthen Citroën's international sales, particularly in India and Latin America.

After a first presentation in the form of a show car very close to the production version, Citroën is preparing the full unveiling of the Basalt, which should take place in July, in line with the new features that will enrich the C3 and C3 Aircross in India. As a sign that this presentation is imminent and that the brand intends to move quickly with the Basalt, production of the production version has started at the Thiruvallur plant in India, where the brand already assembles the C3 and C3 Aircross for the South-East.

As a reminder, the Citroën Basalt is the coupé version of the current C3 Aircross, with which it shares the entire front block, including the front doors. However, the Basalt differs from the C3 Aircross in its badge, where we find the new colour clips, as well as the LED lights, which show the brand's desire to raise the level of its models in India. In fact, the lack of equipment for the C3 and C3 Aircross on the Indian market has been criticised on several occasions, and in particular the absence of certain features offered by the competition. The brand has already announced the addition of safety equipment to these models on the Indian market from July 2024, the Basalt should go further in the level of equipment offered, the LED headlights seen are a first direct testimony of this.

In conclusion, the announcement of the start of production at the brand's Indian plant indicates that the presentation of the Citroën Basalt is therefore very close. The arrival of this third variant of the C-Cubed range is important because, in addition to the volumes it will allow and the public it will reach, it gives a first indication of the upgrading of the C3 and C3 Aircross in India and thus the hope of a relaunch of the brand whose sales, despite more than 19,000 units since 2021, have not yet reached the expected level.

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