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Citroën AMI: women at the heart of the decision to market in Argentina

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Originally planned for just 5 countries, the Citroën AMI is being launched in more and more countries every month as its success grows. After Europe and the Middle East, the Citroën AMI could cross the Atlantic to be marketed in South America. And to study the feasibility, Citroën is relying on the women of Stellantis to help make the decision.

March is Women's Month, with International Women's Rights Day, and one of the many activities organised by Women of Stellantis was to invite a group of female employees from the Group to provide their input and a female perspective on the possibilities of marketing Citroën AMI in Argentina.

One of the pillars on which Women of Stellantis has been working for the past two years concerns the female point of view in the company's business, since it has been proven throughout the world that the more gender diversity there is in a company's decision-making, the better the results it achieves.

With this in mind, the idea was born to bring together a group of women from Stellantis, from different sectors, ranks, professions and ages, to learn more about Citroën's new mobility concept, try it out at the El Palomar plant, and then discuss and leave their opinions on the possible marketing of Citroën AMI in Argentina.

All the guests had the opportunity to receive all the information about the AMI in detail, to clear up any doubts they may have and to leave their conclusions about the driving experience, the public they consider to be in favour of this product, how they envisage it being marketed, and so on. All this information has been very well received by Citroën in Argentina and will be taken into account in the final definition of the future of Citroën AMI.

The feedback received was very varied, but all the guests agreed on the absolute comfort of driving, with practical, simple and intuitive handling. They were surprised by the spaciousness of the interior, the comfort of the AMI and its manoeuvrability. Valère Lourme, Citroën Development Manager for South America, said: "For Citroën, it is very important to have carried out this focus group with Stellantis employees and to have the opinion of each of them. As for WOS, Women of Stellantis, he proposed it to us, we thought it was a brilliant idea and we made the AMI available for this Women's Month activity. We hope that we will soon be able to count on this successful mobility concept from the brand in our region. We are working on it and evaluating the possibility."

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