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Citroën AMI: to be sold in Latin America

Citroën Ami Tonic, three-quarter front view

This Citroën AMI is an incredible epic! Although it was only to be sold in five European countries, the brand's little chip spread across the continent before being sold in Morocco and Turkey in particular, not without great success. This time, the Citroën AMI is taking off as the brand officially announces that it will be available in Latin America.

Citroën has tested its Ami in Brazil and Argentina with the firm intention of seeing how consumers in these two markets would react to this unprecedented mobility solution that makes electric mobility highly accessible. We have to believe that the various tests carried out in recent months have convinced the public, as the brand has announced the forthcoming launch of the Citroën Ami in Brazil, as well as in other countries in the region.

It must be said that the Ami has great qualities and is suitable for the large cities that make up Latin America, where traffic is often congested and very difficult to navigate. The various metropolises (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina or Bogota in Colombia) concentrate millions of people and make Latin America the second most urbanised region in the world, and urban mobility is a challenge of great proportions when we know that repeated traffic jams cause a loss of 1% of the region's GDP each year. Thanks to its compactness, with a length of only 2m41, its manoeuvrability, with a very small turning circle that allows it to turn almost on the spot, its electric motor that allows it to reach 45 km/h in a few seconds and its autonomy of 75 km, Ami is one of the solutions to facilitate urban mobility in these large cities. Citroën has made no mistake, and the various studies have shown the full potential of Ami, both in terms of attracting a large number of customers and in terms of demonstrating the brand's capacity for daring and innovation, while clearly demonstrating that only Citroën can offer truly accessible electric mobility in these often poor regions.

The formalisation of the marketing of the Citroën Ami is obvious, as it perfectly meets the challenges of urban mobility in Latin America. The brand has not yet specified how it intends to market the Ami, by what means, or whether the brand's little chip will be modified to meet the expectations of the local population. But it is clear that this little Ami, which in many ways is reminiscent of the 2CV, is following a similar path to its dear ancestor, who also helped make the car accessible and conquered the world.

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