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Citroën Ami: it joins the Croix-Rouge in Spain

Two Citroën AMI of the Croix-Rouge in Spain

Since its launch in 2020, the Citroën Ami has surprised everyone with its success and the way it has been used by certain customers, showing that the small Citroën chip can meet a wide range of needs. This is still the case in Spain, where two Citroën Amis have just joined the Red Cross fleet.

With its atypical appearance, the Citroën Ami has attracted a large number of customers who appreciate its focus on the essentials, its comfort, its adaptability and the fact that it can be driven without a driving licence. In this sense, the Citroën Ami is a revolution and embodies the best of Citroën's revolutionary tradition in the field of mobility. It is a synonym of freedom, both in the centre of large cities, where it is accessible at all times and moves like a fish in water thanks to its size and manoeuvrability, and as a mobility solution between communities. It provides agile and unrestricted mobility.

For these reasons, and above all for its practicality, two units of the Citroën My Ami, supplied by Citroën Spain, will join the fleet of the Spanish Red Cross in the Community of Madrid. They will be available at the various headquarters of this organisation in the Madrid region and will take part in all types of activities, from the promotion of initiatives such as the Gold Raffle or the Little Flag, or various awareness campaigns, to logistical support for security and prevention missions.

An unusual look, a unique offer on the market and a success that no one expected. This is the Citroën Ami, an electric quadricycle that meets the needs of both urban customers, who appreciate its manoeuvrability, compactness and living space, and rural customers, who use it for short trips. By joining the fleet of the Spanish Red Cross, the Citroën Ami will become even more visible on the streets of Madrid, especially in its colours, which should underline its success on the Spanish market.

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