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Citroën aims to double its market share in Argentina by 2025

The Citroën C4 Cactus 2024 three-quarter front view in grey with orange touches.

Citroën is in the process of completely renewing its range in Argentina, having launched the new C3, the redesigned C5 Aircross at the beginning of the year and now the updated C4 Cactus. On the eve of the launch of the new C3 Aircross at the start of the school year, Ruben Rodriguez, Managing Director of Citroën Argentina, confirms the brand's strong ambitions for Argentina.

After its launch in 2018 and more than 28,000 units sold, which will allow the C4 Cactus to become the best-selling SUV in Argentina in 2022, the brand's small SUV is therefore getting a makeover to start the second part of its career with few exterior changes but much more inside. Exactly, explains Ruben Rodriguez, "our customers have told us in our clinics and surveys that they really like the car as it is now, and today a customer comes to a Citroën dealer and asks for a C4 Cactus because he likes it for its fresh, modern and young design, so it was not necessary to make many changes. However, our customers have asked us for more comfort and connectivity, so we have integrated the 10-inch screen with Apple Car Play wireless connectivity and Andoir dAuto".

The launch of the "restyled" C4 Cactus is part of a range renewal process for Citroën, which has made Latin America, and therefore Argentina, one of its priorities for developing its international sales. In this respect, the head of Citroën Argentina says he hopes to end 2023 with a market share of 3.7%, slightly better than in 2022, with around 13,500 units sold over the year. Thanks to the recent launches of the redesigned C3, C5 Aircross and C4 Cactus, the brand has managed to increase its sales on the Argentinean market, especially as it has a real ace up its sleeve with the forthcoming launch of the new C3 Aircross. According to Ruben Rodriguez, "we are convinced that it will enter a very important segment with a 5- and 7-seater offering with an accessibility concept. The Citroën brand is therefore in a very good phase of renewal of its range, which started with the C3 and continues with the Cactus and the C5 Aircross. I think we will have many opportunities to meet, and our customers will have a range that will enrich their needs in terms of passenger cars". On this subject, the head of Citroën Argentina specifies the brand's ambitions on the Argentinean market, i.e. to increase its market share to 7% by 2025, i.e. almost double compared to 2022, an ambitious objective for Citroën that will put it in the big leagues in Argentina.

Citroën intends to develop its international sales in order to reduce its dependence on the European market, which is stagnating or even staying at a low level and will not allow the necessary growth to continue. By strengthening its presence in Argentina and, more generally, in Latin America and India, Citroën is securing its future by finding new levers for growth; the arrival of the C-Cubed vehicles, designed with this objective in mind, will enable it to achieve these goals, to strengthen itself and to continue to be an important brand for Stellantis.

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