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Citroën: a year of record sales in Greece in 2023

Citroën C4 in red colour with black roof

If 2023 was a difficult year in France, the brand enjoyed great success in other countries, such as Turkey, where it set a sales record. Citroën also performed very well in Greece, where the brand also had a record year.

In 2023, the Greek automotive market achieved a good performance with an increase in sales of 27.8% to 134,515 units, following the performance of other European markets, all of which benefited from an improvement in production shortages and delivery problems. In this very general context, Citroën's performance is particularly noteworthy, as the brand achieved the strongest growth in the top 20 in Greece with an increase in sales of 119.5%, moving up 5 positions to take fifth place in terms of sales. With 8,816 units sold over the whole year, Citroën obtained a market share of 6.55% compared to 3.80% in 2022, which shows how the brand had a fantastic year in 2023, making it the third best-selling brand. of Stellantis behind Peugeot and Opel.

In terms of models, the brand's best-selling car is the C3, which saw its sales increase by 84.4% to take third place in overall sales with 5,059 units sold for a market share of 3.50%. The C3 is also third in its segment, as the top five best-sellers in Greece are all B-segment cars, with the Toyota Yaris (5,228 units) and Opel Corsa (5,811 units) completing the podium.

If the performance of the C3 is solid, the other models are also in good shape as the C3 Aircross gains 39 places (!) to end the year in 19th place with 2,040 units and a market share that has tripled in one year from 0.54% in 2022 to 1.52% in 2023.

Finally, the C4 also had a good year with 889 units sold and a market share that increased from 0.39% in 2022 to 0.66% in 2023. The C4 is ahead of the Peugeot 308 for the whole year, as the Lion brand sedan sold 622 units, but above all its sales are down with a market share of 0.46% compared to 0.87% in 2022. The C4 is therefore the first French compact sedan sold in Greece and the first from Stellantis, a performance to be highlighted. In 2023, the C4 is also the sales leader in the electric C-segment on the Greek market, all body types combined. With 262 units sold, the ë-C4 achieves a market share of 12.07% compared to 4.05% in 2022, almost tripling its sales. The C4 is ahead of the Mercedes EQA (253 units) and the Volkswagen ID3 (249 units).

In conclusion, the brand's sales in Greece are particularly strong in 2023, allowing it to record the strongest growth in the top 20. If the C3 accounts for a large majority of the brand's sales, the other models also perform well, especially the C4, which is the best-selling compact sedan in the Stellantis range and also the best-selling electric car in the C-segment. We can bet that the arrival of the new C3 should have an even greater impact on the brand in 2024, allowing it to gain further market share, thus allowing it to enter the top 4 in terms of sales in 2024, top 4 that it missed in 2023 by 300 units.

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