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Citroën: 2024 off to a flying start in Brazil thanks to the success of the C3

The Citroën C3 on the Brazilian market in a blue tint

As the brand prepares to deliver the first units of the latest C3 Aircross to Brazil, Citroën is starting the year in the best possible way with a significant increase in sales in January, driven by renewed interest in the C3, whose sales are rising sharply.

In a car market up 12.65% in January 2024 with 103,872 units sold, Citroën recorded a nice increase of 14%, approaching 2,100 units, which allows it to reach a market share of 1.76%, still far from its objective of 4% by 2025, but the brand is mainly driven by the C3 while awaiting the arrival of the C3 Aircross then its coupé version in a few months.

If the brand's sales increase by 14%, it will be thanks to the C3 which, after a slight dip in mid-2023, will experience a strong recovery which will continue in January 2024. In January, 1,879 C3 cars were sold, placing it 24th in overall sales, ahead of the Peugeot 208, and sixth in its segment with a market share of 5.40%. This represents an increase of 26.27% in sales for the beginning of the year, which puts the C3 well on the way to outperforming last year's figures, especially as the C3 regularly undergoes development to adapt its range to the growing number of buyers. The C3 has received the new Live Plus Pack, which adds a rear window washer and wiper, an electric defogger and a Mopar audio system with Bluetooth connection and USB port as standard equipment, and is also on offer until 15th February, making it the cheapest car in Brazil at the moment.

Although Citroën's sales increased in January, it is clear that its market share is still too low in relation to the objectives set, but the brand can only count on the C3 as the C4 Cactus is struggling to get off the ground. In January, 260 C4 Cactuses were sold, a very slight increase compared to the same month last year, but far too few to allow Citroën to change the scale of the Brazilian market. This will be the task of the new C3 Aircross, the first deliveries of which will take place in the coming days and which, if successful, should allow the brand to achieve strong growth in 2024.

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