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Citroën: the French' second favourite car brand

The new Citroën logo on the new C3

Citroën and the French, it's a long love story that began more than 100 years ago. With models that have become legendary, the brand has a deep place in the hearts of the French, to the extent that it is the most collected car brand in France. This attachment is still strong, as shown by a recent survey which ranks Citroën as the French people's second favourite car brand.

This study, conducted jointly by Posternak and IFOP, allows us to see what the French think of the brands present in the country and whether they have a good or bad image of them.

After being published for the first time in March this year, the study has been updated for the month of November and shows that Citroën remains in second place among the French favourite car brands, with an increase of 2 points compared to March 2023. Citroën is still ahead of Peugeot, whose image has improved by 4 points, and Renault, which is still ahead of Citroën despite an increase of 3 points. Although Citroën's increase of only 2 points is less than that of its French competitors, it is still better than in March, when the increase was only 1 point, which means that Citroën is maintaining its good momentum, which should continue over time. with the forthcoming launches, including the new C3, which will shake up the market because of its accessibility.

In particular, Citroën remains in sixth place among the brands most favoured by the French, ahead of Michelin, Leclerc, Intermarché, Peugeot and Yves Rocher. This rise of two points is important because it is based on its very good image, which has risen by one point since March, reaching 11% of very positive opinions.

In conclusion, Citroën has undoubtedly suffered a setback in recent years due to a lack of new products, but the brand has relaunched itself, particularly on the French market, by being much more combative, and orders, particularly from private individuals, are increasing strongly. This new-found combativeness, together with promising new products such as the new C3, should enable the brand to continue this trend and achieve ever higher scores in future surveys.

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