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Citroën Revolte - 2009

Small urban ultra-chic, the concept car Revolte takes the side of luxury tinged with impertinence and dynamism full of liveliness, while making choices for the future in the image of its mode of rechargeable hybrid propulsion.
All of Revolte's modernity is expressed through a stylistic provocation inspired by one of its most illustrious ancestors: the 2 CV. Heretic by nature, Revolte questions all the codes of the 2CV and systematically takes the opposite view of the values ​​that are at the origin of the myth.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


Energetic lines, reduced dimensions, sculpted sides… Revolte transgresses the established codes of luxury as we imagine them by revealing a contemporary, high-end silhouette.
With its very small dimensions, Revolte undoubtedly favors liveliness and nervousness.
Low and firmly planted on its four wheels, REVOLTE seems determined to free itself from all the constraints of city traffic.

AN OSE STYLE The stylistic approach of the Revolte concept car incorporates references far removed from those commonly attributed to the automotive world.
Whether it is its marked wheel arches, its rounded bonnet or its sculpted sides, Revolte reveals the contours of a powerful musculature ready to pounce.
Her dress, for its part, departs from the traditional codes of luxury and is adorned with an intense and luminous purple.
Revolte benefits from an architecture never before exploited in this type of vehicle and features volumes that are as original as they are distinctive.
It takes the party to dare a cabin composed of three seats (designed on the lounge register) offering volumes that are closer to those of interior furniture.
The space reserved for passengers is made up of a contemporary-style chaise longue whose flowing lines embrace the entire rear space as well as the area that is usually reserved for the front passenger. At this precise location, one of the rear passengers can stretch out their legs and rediscover the sensations experienced in the atmosphere of a cozy and luxurious place.

Revolte's doors with antagonistic opening facilitate access to its edge and discover, like a make-up palette, a multicolored interior space with in particular:

- Black woven leather
- thick carmine red velvet
- sparkling aluminum

Exit therefore classic materials such as wood or agreed colors. The atmosphere on board REVOLTE is resolutely daring while being luxurious.


Contemporary and sophisticated even in its engine, Revolte stands out with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that has the following characteristics and elements:
- a traditional heat engine of small displacement associated with an electric motor, both having the advantage of being able to drive the wheels
- the ability to drive in ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode, that is to say completely electric and therefore without CO2 emissions
- the possibility of recharging the batteries that power the electric motor.

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