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Citroën C-Buggy (2006)

The C-Buggy concept car, presented in 2006, follows on from the C-Airplay concept (to be found HERE ), presented at the 2005 Bologna Motor Show.

Citroën set out, at the start of the 2000s, to offer a vision for all segments of the market. Thus, after the CMétisse and the C-Airdream, Citroën is attacking the city car segment with two concepts, C-Airplay and C-Buggy. The second concept, the one that interests us here, is a fully discoverable vision of a city car capable of trudging off the beaten track.

Citroën opts for stylistic continuity between the two concepts and, on C-Buggy, the brand goes further in the announcement of its new front end. If, at the time, the media considered that this front was that of the next C3, it was not so since C-buggy announced the front of the first generation of the C4 Picasso.

Another point of resemblance with C-Airplay, the profile of the C-Buggy concept includes a capsule allowing light to pass, here interpreted in a different way.

The C-Buggy concept was a true four-wheel drive thanks to a permanent transmission with a limited slip differential. As a leisure vehicle, the Citroën C-Buggy concept had increased ground clearance as well as 17-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, Citroën was betting on yellow already, as on the CXperience, to brighten up the interior. Strict two-seater, the interior of the C-Buggy concept gave pride of place to beautiful materials such as leather and aluminum.

The interior highlights the technology with a digital music player placed in front of the console and connected to speakers under the dashboard.

The occupants had to wear a helmet since the C-Buggy concept does not have a windshield. A heritage of the Mehari, a central drain allowed the interior to be cleaned and the water to be evacuated.

Finally, the C-Buggy concept was equipped with a 1.6l petrol engine for a power of 155 horsepower which allowed the C-Buggy to display very respectable performance thanks to a contained weight of only 850 kilos.

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