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Ami One Concept: for a new urban mobility

Unique exterior design

Since 2016 and the appearance of the new C3, Citroën has been emphasizing design and comfort. A unique design, made of smooth curves without edges. The Ami One Concept appropriates it to also show that urban mobility can be done in style while making a nice nod to the 2007 Cactus concept.

In its desire to make the Ami One affordable, Citroën gives it a totally symmetrical design:

- The wide smooth doors are the same on the driver and passenger side, which gives a different opening direction depending on which side you enter or exit the concept. The driver's side opening is antagonistically for the benefit of better accessibility.

- The front and rear faces are identical and their layout is reversed

- The wings are identical

- The sills are identical on the left and on the right

- DRLs and taillights are reversible right / left

A simple, intuitive and ultra-connected interior

Faithful to the new direction of Citroën's interior design, inspired by the universe of the house, Ami One Concept is inspired by other universes for an urban driving in rupture and all in comfort ... a whole program.

The living area, bathed in light, shows particular care in materials with the objective of enhancing the space on board and functionality. The two seats are arranged asymmetrically to provide sufficient shoulder room.

Citroën does not forget the storage spaces which are cleverly distributed where every corner of the passenger compartment has been exploited to the maximum, such as the canvases stretched at the bottom of the doors which create a tote of "beach" inspiration or the storage area. passenger side accommodating cabin size luggage and a handbag.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

As usual, Citroën is also making a big effort on the Colors and Materials aspects where the brand wanted to play on a clear and bright interior atmosphere mixing paints or technical materials with a desire for simple and easy maintenance without forgetting the references to the current range and luggage with the desired straps as a nod to the straps inaugurated by the C4 Cactus.

3. Connected, shared and personalized mobility

Citroën is betting everything on digital with its concept of urban mobility since the brand has developed an entire 100% digital ecosystem that goes from the discovery of the car to the management of its use.

Wanting to offer a new and innovative customer experience, Citroën has developed a digital experience allowing personalization as close as possible to customer needs.

Paying tribute to the freedom of movement that the 2CV had promoted, the Ami One Concept defends this freedom in future urban mobility. To do so, Citroën makes life easier for customers by offering a digital universe where several formulas are possible to reserve a Friend One Concept for 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 months or 5 years:

- 5 minutes or 5 hours: the mobility object is made available in a given location for a given time via the car-sharing offer operated by the Free2Move brand. The application dedicated to new mobility allows you to choose your Friend One Concept in a few clicks.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

- 5 days : the mobility object is offered in the form of an easily accessible short-term rental offer. The customer then simply has to make the reservation online via Citroën Rent & Smile.

- 5 months : access without commitment for a shorter period than the "standard" possession - 5 years: the mobility object also has a Long Term Rental offer over 5 years with battery, maintenance and parking included in the rent monthly. The 100% online purchasing process allows the customer to choose in particular the place of delivery.

Citroën has developed a new digital distribution concept called “Comptoirs Ami One”, a real space that could prefigure an Ami One vending machine. These spaces, located in town centers, shopping centers, train stations or airports, provide information on the product and see the possible booking options.

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