Citroën 19_19 Concept - 2019

After a first concept presented in February and focused on urban mobility, Citroën continues to celebrate its centenary with the presentation of its second concept, 19_19 Concept.

Wanted as a manifesto for the brand, 19_19 Concept wants to be spectacular by breaking the codes of the automobile to embrace those of aeronautics and internal furniture. 100% electric and with a range of 800 kilometers, 19_19 Concept represents Citroën's ultimate vision of comfort, which the brand sums up under the name Ë-confort, double reference to Citroën's Ë and to comfort, the very essence of the brand. .

A true unidentified rolling object, 19_19 Concept magnifies comfort by placing the Citroën Advanced Comfort program at its peak. Citroën has aimed for ultimate comfort and everything contributes to making the journey smoother, calmer and timeless.

A. Innovative, disruptive, unclassifiable and technological: Pure Citroën

- Unclassifiable by its capsule, inspired by the fuselage of an airplane, transparent and detached from the base. This capsule, completely isolated from the road, designed like a bubble to accommodate four passengers in the greatest comfort. Desired as a real living room, it is intended to be an extension of the home and allows each of the occupants to enjoy a different comfort experience depending on the seat in which they sit.

- Innovative with its wheels, developed with Goodyear, absolutely new. Gigantic in size, 30 inches or 93 cm, it is equipped with tires that blend into the rims and which incorporate innovative technologies. The tires therefore incorporate sensors that make it possible to predict and “feel” the road so that 19_19 Concept can determine the optimum driving mode affecting speed, braking, road holding and stability.
Likewise, the suspensions, with double hydraulic stops, are accompanied by intelligent active steering to fly over the road and allow the cabin to turn flat, a tribute to the famous Xantia Activa.

- Disruptive, 19_19 concept certainly is. Breaking automotive codes by drawing inspiration from other universes to reinterpret the automobile. Thus, the cabin seems to be placed on four spheres, isolated from the road. The technology here is not hiding but magnifying itself. All the technological elements, in the first place the suspensions, are deliberately very visible, almost in the raw state and enhanced. The underbody of the car, streamlined, with aerodynamic ducts, is not concealed but is displayed and is inspired by the rudder of an airplane to control the air flows.

- 19_19 concept is also a great piece of technology. Autonomous, it supports certain driving phases. 100% electric, it has a 100 kWh battery allowing a range of 800 kilometers, two electric motors make it a four-wheel drive. With a power of 340 kW or 460 hp, it achieves 0 to 100 in 5 seconds. 19_19 concept releases the constraint of electric recharging by being able to recharge by induction and benefits from ultra-fast recharging with 600 kilometers recovered in 20 minutes.
19_19 concept finally has a personal assistant capable of predicting occupant needs and equipped with natural language voice recognition. With a simple “Hello Citroën”, it will be possible to speak to him in natural language thanks to a technology called “Deep Meaning Understanding” which will be found on future PSA models.

B: Comfort at its peak

The interior of 19_19 Concept has been designed as a living room and, as such, it is intended as an extension of the home. Each seat is specific, offering a different experience for a different comfort according to the desires of the passengers:
- The driver's seat has a raw structure on which is grafted a large, wide and thick cushion for soft and enveloping comfort.
- The front passenger has a chaise longue to provide a space for relaxation and relaxation. Semi recumbent, it offers comfort unknown in a car. Equipped with a motorized lifting footrest, a nod to the C4 Spacetourer, the chaise longue occupies a symbolic place in the passenger compartment.
- At the rear, passengers find themselves in a sofa treated in the Sundeck spirit. All the elements are covered with the same material to create a bubble in the bubble, for warm and intimate comfort.

Apart from the technology, the cabin as a whole is treated to offer the maximum possible comfort. Thus, the acoustics have been worked on so that each passenger has their privacy with a dedicated and personalized sound bubble.

Likewise, 19_19 concept gives pride of place to brightness and visibility thanks to its fully glazed screen allowing direct access to the elements by the occupants who will enjoy an exceptional view of the stars or the road since it scrolls under the lights. front or side passenger feet, like in a helicopter.

By giving passengers the illusion of flying over the road, Citroën offers with 19_19 concept an ultimate vision of comfort, being completely disconnected from the road without suffering the bumps and bumps. Equipped with a pendulum system, 19_19 concept erases the feelings in the bends, the cabin remaining completely stable, without movement undergone perfectly isolating the passages of the road and the outside world. With 19_19 concept, Citroën invites you on a unique journey, encompassed in a bubble of comfort.

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