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Univers Citroën: Discover the interactive magazine "Le Citroëniste" on the occasion of its first anniversary

Les captures d'images de The Citroënist, le magazine numérique de Citroën

A year ago, a new era in automotive history began with the launch of "The Citroënist", an interactive magazine dedicated to the fascinating world of the brand in Switzerland. Since its launch, the magazine has captured the attention of Citroën enthusiasts and car lovers all over the world.

From its humble beginnings as a printed brochure, this magazine has quickly become an indispensable digital platform offering a privileged view of Citroën's evolution and the latest trends in the automotive industry.

In its latest edition, "The Citroënist" continues to present the brand's latest models, with a special focus on electric vehicles. But the magazine goes far beyond simply presenting cars: it also explores the challenges of the transition to electric mobility, deciphers the technological innovations that will shape the future of the automobile and highlights social and environmental initiatives supported by Citroën.

By browsing through the pages of "The Citroënist", readers are invited to discover exclusive interviews with automotive experts, reports on Citroën's major events and in-depth analyses of the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry as a whole. For its latest update, the digital magazine even inspired and encouraged Laurence Hansen, Product and Strategy Director at Citroën in Paris, and Boris Reinmöller, Project Design Manager at Citroën in Paris, to give an overview of the new product and Citroën's design philosophy.

On the occasion of its first anniversary, "The Citroënist" deserves to be celebrated for its essential role in the dissemination of knowledge and ideas in the field of automobiles. Whether you are a long-standing Citroën fan or simply curious about the latest technological advances, I invite you to explore this interactive magazine and let yourself be carried away by its fascinating world.

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