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Towards the end of the AG2R Citroën Team?

The Citroën C5 X of the AG2R Citroën Team with the cyclists

In 2020, Citroën will return to cycling as co-title sponsor of the AG2r team, which will be renamed the AG2R Citroën Team. This commitment, which gives the brand excellent visibility at events and in particular during the Tour de France, was to be reduced at the end of the year as rumours circulated that Citroën was withdrawing from cycling.

The Tour de France has just ended with the presence of Félix Gaal in 8th place in the general classification and winner of the most important of the stages with a Dantesque finish on the Saint Gervais Mont Blanc - Courchevel stage, while persistent rumours have been circulating about Citroën's departure from the AG2R team at the end of this season. The brand, which has been associated with the French team since 2020, was initially due to remain a co-sponsor until 2025, but Citroën decided otherwise.

Next year, the brand will no longer be the team's title co-sponsor, although its involvement does not appear to have been completely terminated, only reduced. It may well continue to provide the vehicles needed to run the team and ensure its visibility at events and on the roadside, but it will no longer appear as the main sponsor on the shirts, although the presence of its logo, albeit in a reduced form, is still possible.

The AG2R team has already found a fallback solution, since the same rumours have announced that the Decathlon brand will replace Citroën at the beginning of next year, the same sports brand that also supplies the riders with Van Rysel bikes instead of BMC.

Despite the end of its co-title sponsorship of the team, Citroën is not withdrawing from cycling altogether and will continue to supply the AG2R team with vehicles that will continue to be seen by millions of spectators on their televisions and on the roads, ensuring optimal visibility at a time when it is more than necessary for Citroëns to be seen on the roads. This reduction in commitment, dictated by the search for marketing savings, should therefore not have an excessive impact on the visibility of the brand's vehicles.

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