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The Citroën Berlingo leads electric LCV sales

Citroën has always been a very powerful brand in commercial vehicles and intends to remain so in a rapidly changing automotive world. This is why, from 2021, the entire range of the brand's commercial vehicles offered a 100% electric engine, which the Berlingo Van takes advantage of to place itself at the top of sales in its segment in several European countries.

This is particularly the case in France where the Citroën Berlingo Van ranked first in sales of electric utility vehicles in May 2023. With 339 units, sales of the ë-Berlingo Van soared by 552 % to obtain a market share of 14.61% in a market that is up 122.6% to now represent 7.7% of all commercial vehicles, a sign that, in this segment, electrification is progressing strongly.

This is also the case in Belgium since the electric Citroën Berlingo Van is also the sales leader in its segment in May with a 36% market share. This performance, the Berlingo Van reiterates on all engines since it is also at the top of sales in the compact utility segment with 20% market share.

In Spain, the electric Berlingo Van also ranks first in sales of the electric utility market both in May and in

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