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Sales up for Citroën outside Europe

The new Citroën C3 in Latin America allows the brand to see its sales increase, particularly in Latin America

Citroën is engaged in a vast internationalization plan which aims to see its sales develop outside Europe so as not to be too dependent on the European continent. Thus, by 2025, the brand's sales should be distributed 70% in Europe and 30% in the other regions of the world where Citroën has, moreover, shown performance in May.

Africa-Middle East

This is particularly the case in Turkey where Citroën sales reached a historic level in May to exceed 8,500 units, allowing the brand to rank 7th in sales with a 7.7% market share.

The brand also performed well in Morocco, recording sales up 7.4% to reach 539 units and 4% of the market, which allows it to rank seventh in sales. The brand has just launched the C4 X on the Moroccan market, Citroën's new 4-door sedan should represent 10% of sales, i.e. around 500 units, which will allow the brand to progress in the ranking.

Latin America

A strategic region for Citroën, Latin America benefits from the marketing of the C3 to reap very positive results that the new C3 Aircross as well as the sedan derived from C3 will have to amplify.

Thus, in Argentina, Citroën sales increased by 65.6% in May to 1,421 units, which allows the brand to rank 9th in sales with a market share of 3.8% This increase is notably due to the C3 which took off in Argentina with 703 units sold and a sixteenth place in total sales for a market share of 1.9%. The new C3 becomes the best-selling brand ahead of Berlingo, whose sales are up 87% to 546 units.

In Brazil, while the market is down 4.9%, Citroën sales are stable with 1,980 units sold and a market share of 1.2%. Here too, the brand can say thank you to the C3, which represents the vast majority of its sales with 1,607 units in May, i.e. a market share of 1% and sixth place in its segment. The C3 therefore represents more than 80% of the brand's sales, the C4 Cactus being still in sharp decline in a vague period when the restyled version should not be long in arriving on the market.


In Japan, in a market up 25%, Citroën sales are up 40.3% to 411 units, putting the brand 25th in the market just behind Renault and Peugeot. Citroën sales have also been on the rise since the start of the year with an 18.7% increase in sales to reach 2,494 units.

In India, the favorable comparison allowed the brand to post a very strong increase even if volumes were quite low with just over 800 units. The reason for satisfaction comes from the electric C3 which seems to be off to a good start on the Indian market and which allows Citroën to rank fourth in sales.

Even if the brand is suffering in Europe with a month of May which should see it post a drop of around 20%, the brand's sales are on the contrary very well oriented outside Europe, which validates Citroën's strategy which aims, precisely, to compensate by sales made internationally, the decline suffered in Europe to, in the end, display a comparable global sales volume. The situation in Europe should improve in the coming months and allow Citroën to post higher global results with the target of one million new cars sold per year.

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