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[Retrospective] Citroën news for the first half of the year - Part 1

The new Citroën C3 aircross will be one of the brand's highlights in 2023.

Committed to a major internationalisation plan, Citroën's news was particularly important in the first half of the year, even if new products were rare, with the exception of the new C3 Aircross. However, the brand's activity in the first six months of the year was so intense that this review has been divided into three parts.

Developments for the C4

The product news mainly concerned the C4, which has seen a series of improvements both in terms of styling and engines, not to mention the major efforts to reduce the price of the electric version.

Awaited since its launch, at the beginning of 2023 the C4 finally received the two-tone black roof option, which allows it to reinforce its SUV appearance, an option billed from €350 and available on all versions. The black Perla Nera colour is applied to the arches and the roof to create a single roof line which, together with the sloping rear window, clearly expresses the aerodynamics of the compact saloon with its chevrons, one of its strong points. which makes it extremely efficient. . The black tint of this gently sloping roof forms a colour unity with the windows and the rear window, creating a strong visual identity full of contrasts that gives this third-generation C4 a different look.

Citroën C4 approaches a reinforced profile with a two-tone black roof option

The arrival of this two-tone black roof is also the opportunity for Citroën to integrate the new multimedia system which appeared on the C5 X and which finally allows the C4 to benefit from a system up to the task of combining fluidity and personalisation, bringing a really welcome dose of modernity and allowing the chevron saloon to return to the same level as its Peugeot 308 and Opel Astra cousins.

The new multimedia system does away with the aerial and replaces it with a black tinted shark aerial which, combined with the two-tone black roof, virtually eliminates it.

The new multimedia system, which comes as standard on the C4 in Shine trim and as an option from €650 in Feel Pack trim, offers 3D navigation on the full 10-inch screen and natural language voice recognition to control the media, air conditioning and even the navigation system.

These developments are complemented by the appearance of the new Stellantis electric motor on the electric version. With 156 hp and a similar torque of 260 Nm, the eMotors engine is initially available only on the Shine version at an extra cost of 1,000e compared to the previous version.

Remarkably efficient, this engine allows the C4 to take advantage of its excellent aerodynamics to offer a range of up to 420 kilometres, the highest of the Stellantis with the same base. This autonomy is due to the battery whose capacity has been increased to 54 kWh and the revised chemistry which, combined with the efficiency of the electric motor, of which Citroën announces a consumption down to 12 kWh, allows the C4 to return to the race offering autonomy similar to the Renault Mégane e-tech plus comfort and spaciousness.

Citroën presents three new pods for its autonomous and electric concept

After AMI, Citroën continued its work on electric urban mobility with the presentation of the Citroën Skate, which allows cells called Pods to be moved on dedicated lanes to meet multiple and diverse needs.

After the first three units presented in September 2021, Citroën took advantage of the Shanghai show to present three new cells developed in China. Three models were presented: Cozy Capsule, Wander Café and Immersive Air, which was the only one exhibited on the brand's stand as the other two Pods were digital modules.

Immersive Air is a pod that can accommodate several passengers. Oval in shape with a rectangular vertical column in the centre, Immersive Air offers a unique experience on the outside thanks to a dark glass illuminated by a sparkling metallic parametric pattern. This Pod shines with high-tech elements that mysteriously light up. The tinted double sliding door and the panoramic window inside provide a nice balance between visibility and privacy. Inside, passengers can listen to music, sing songs, play video games or watch films.

Prestigious awards for C3 and C5 X

The first half of the year was also the occasion for Citroën to win two prestigious titles, demonstrating the relevance of the vehicles in its range.

The C3, which is sold in South-East Asia and Latin America, won the World Urban Car 2023 title, awarded by a jury of more than 100 automotive experts at the New York International Auto Show on 5 April.

Thierry Koskas, Citroën's new CEO, said: "We are particularly honoured to receive the 2023 WORLD URBAN CAR award for the C3. The first model in a family of three cars, the Citroën C3 combines a strong, modern style with a high level of comfort, without forgetting the connectivity and technology at its heart. expectations of customers in these regions".

Note that Citroën is the only European brand to win a trophy in this 2023 edition.

On the other side of the range, it is the C5 X that has won the favour of the awards in this first half of the year, with the prestigious prize for the best grand tourer from the WWCOTY (Women's World Car Of The Year), an international jury composed exclusively of women experts in the automotive world.


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