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Passionnément Citroën wishes you a Happy New Year 2024

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Hello everyone,

2023 is coming to an end to give way to a very important new year for the brand. In fact, 2024 can be considered a crucial year for Citroën, which will launch the new C3 and renew the C3 Aircross, its two best-sellers, in the hope that they will help to revive its sales.

On the Passionnément Citroën site, 2024 will also be the year of some changes that you will discover in the coming weeks. More than ever, as the site celebrates its 8th anniversary in January, Passionnément Citroën wants to be the place where all Citroënists come to share their passion. In addition to regular news, the site will be open to the entire Citroën universe to help you rediscover old models, but above all to bring you closer to Citroën. The "Words of Citroënists" section will be dedicated to you, a space where you can talk about your passion for the brand, share your experiences with current Citroëns, etc.

Finally, on a personal note, I hope that this New Year 2024 brings you the best, health, of course, but also laughter, joy, human warmth instead of insults, shouting matches or lack of respect.

To each and every one of you, I wish you an excellent 2024 and thank you for your loyalty,


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