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New Citroën C3: the latest information ahead of its official launch tomorrow

An illustration of the new Citroën C3

A few hours before the official unveiling of this long-awaited new Citroën C3, which will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention, we take a look back at the latest information and announcements from the brand.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 17 October, Citroën will unveil the fourth generation of the C3, the successor to a generation that has been successful throughout its career. As the C3 is the brand's best-seller, the importance of this generational change is immense, as are the challenges to which the brand is preparing to respond strongly.

A highly refined and refined C3

This new generation of the C3 will be the first 100% electric version on the European market and Citroën is committed to making it accessible. If we know the cost of a battery that allows sufficient autonomy, to make this challenge possible is at least an immense challenge that Citroën, as you will see, meets brilliantly as this new C3 offers a style that is rewarding, technical and very elaborate, far from the cheap image that some wanted to give it.

As an appetizer, Citroën has released a few images that give us a glimpse of the next C3, which has kept us in suspense for several months now.

The few images released on the brand's social networks allow us to see some parts of the car, without revealing everything, but showing enough to indicate the work that has been done on this generation. As we can see, the various elements shown in these images are very clean, such as the new logo, which is not smooth but made up of fine horizontal lines like the Oli concept. From this concept, the C3 also takes the light signature, the finesse and work of the LED bars can be seen in the photos of the rear lights. All in all, this new C3 is very neat, very well worked, with a level of detail never before seen on a production car, details that may seem insignificant but which show the care and respect for customers who, when they benefit from very attractive special prices for this new C3, will see that it is by no means a discount car.

See you on Tuesday 17 October

There are still a few hours to go before the official unveiling, which will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 17th October at 13:15, after Citroën delayed the unveiling by a few minutes. Of course, you will find a special New C3 Day on Passionnément Citroën, since from 13:15 you will have all the information on the latest addition to the brand, you will also find all the photos and videos of the car, then at around 15:00 you will also find my exclusive meeting with C3.

This special New C3 Day will also take place on the Passionnément Citroën social networks*, where we will increase the number of live broadcasts, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, to bring you the presentation and the first images of this very important new C3.

See you tomorrow at 13:15 on the site for this special day where you will finally know everything about this new C3.

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