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New Citroën C3: first teaser and launch on 17 October

Announcement image of the future Citroën C3 for Europe with a detail of the rear light

Just a few more days to wait! After many years, Citroën is preparing to unveil the all-new C3, a fourth generation on which rests a heavy responsibility and which marks a departure from the previous C3.

The new C3 will therefore be unveiled next Tuesday, 17th October at 13:00, but to keep us waiting, Citroën is releasing some teaser images showing part of the rear and in particular the lights. We immediately notice that, as expected, the lights have the visual signature of the Oli concept. This first image also shows the black stripe with the Citroën chevrons engraved on it, as announced in our last images.

Citroën has gone one step further by unveiling a short video that I invite you to discover below:

Some details are revealed in this video, including the front headlamps which, for the first time on a production car, introduce the brand's new signature that we will find at the front and rear.

announcement image of the new Citroën C3 in Europe with the rear light

This second image shows another view of the rear lights, which I invite you to look at closely because they show the attention to detail and the technicality of the LED bars in particular, two elements that we will find everywhere on this new C3. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed and that the surprise will be total, immense and very positive.

I'll see you on Tuesday 17 October at 13:00 to discover all the information and photos of this new and long-awaited fourth generation C3. Citroën took its time, did not communicate about it and was discreet, the brand says "forget everything you know about electric cars" on its social networks, I can tell you that Citroën will put a huge stone in the pond, because this new C3 is so successful.

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