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New Citroën Basalt: a spacious SUV coupé?

Front view of the Citroën Basalt

Last March, Citroën surprised everyone with the presentation of the new Basalt, the brand's first SUV coupé intended for India and Latin America. Presented in the form of a vision faithful to the production version, the Citroën Basalt will be fully unveiled before the start of the summer, to be marketed at the start of the school year. Before then, discover exclusively some of the secrets it hides.

The third product based on the Stellantis Smart Car platform, the Citroën Basalt joins the more spacious C3 Aircross, which can carry up to 7 passengers, to enrich the brand's B-segment offer. This double offer allows Citroën to reach a wide audience between customers looking for space and those looking for a more dynamic style.

When announcing the Basalt, Citroën remained quite silent on the dimensions of its latest baby, inviting the full presentation to find out everything. However, since it derives very strongly from the C3 Aircross, from which it takes the entire front section, including the doors, the Citroën Basalt should logically remain in the same dimensions, namely around 4.30 m. It will also be based on the same wheelbase, i.e. 2m67, which bodes well for enormous rear space for this first Citroën SUV coupé, faithful to the values of the brand, which focuses on well-being on board with space and comfort on the programme.

Inside, the Citroën Basalt should take the dashboard and door panels from the C3 Aircross, while making some modifications such as different textures for the headrest, an armrest between the front seats while the rear bench will include an armrest. central to promote passenger comfort. The Basalt, however, should be more refined with different seat upholstery to the C3 Aircross, while the control of the rear electric windows will move from the central console to the door panels. Finally, in terms of standard equipment, the new Citroën Basalt should offer air conditioning, power steering, a 10-inch infotainment screen, a 7-inch instrument cluster and electric windows, among other things. A fairly generous allocation which shows Citroën's desire to move upmarket on this Basalt which must respond to customers looking for a spacious compact car to which the Basalt will offer up to 500 litres of boot capacity, while seeking more dynamic services. than the C3 Aircross.

In conclusion, the Basalt is the last of the three models designed to ensure the development of Citroën's international sales, but the first to really be on a par with its competitors in terms of equipment and services, especially in India, which is why the brand postponed its presentation by a few months to refine it. Although many of these features are still being kept under wraps, we do know that the Basalt will have the same dimensions as the C3 Aircross from which it is derived, which will ensure generous space and standard equipment. We will have to wait for the final presentation, which should take place in June, to find out everything about this new Citroën SUV, which will be on sale from the start of the 2024 school year.

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