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Is the Citroën 2CV the French people's favourite car? RTL is organising a poll to find out.

Vue avant de la Citroën 2CV, candidate à l'élection de la voiture préférée des Français organisée par RTL

The mythical 2CV, the cult Deuche, the car that perfectly embodies the French automobile heritage, is competing to become the favourite car of the French. The famous RTL radio station is organising this competition from 28 April to 5 May 2023 and is putting eight cars into the running, including two Citroëns, the 2CV and the DS.

4 Renaults, 2 Peugeots and 2 Citroëns are therefore in the running for the French people's favourite car vote, organised by RTL radio, which closes tomorrow. With one day to go, the 2CV is in the lead with more than 28% of the votes, but is closely followed by the Renault 4 with more than 27% of the votes.

As good Citroën fans, we cannot let this prize escape our mythical 2CV, which has brought so much to the automobile and is Citroën's best-selling vehicle, all models combined. I therefore invite you to vote in favour of the 2CV by clicking on the link below the article. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you for your opinion on the 2CV, if you have owned one, what you think of it and if it can be an inspiration for Citroën in the future.

Click on the button below to vote:

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