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Excellent order intake for Citroën in Indonesia

The Citroën C4, C3 and C5 Aircross in Indonesia

Announced in October 2022, Citroën's return to Indonesia takes advantage of the presence of the Stellantis factories in India, which allow the brand to export its models without additional tariffs to the Indonesian market, on which Citroën relies to develop its international sales. The brand recently presented its entire range at the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Motor Show, where it received a large number of orders.

Held in August, the Indonesia International Auto Show was an opportunity for Citroën to have a well-stocked stand, as the brand presented no less than 6 cars, including the C3 made in India, but also the C4, the C5 Aircross and the Ami Buggy. Above all, Citroën's presence at the show allowed the brand to unveil the C3 Aircross to the public for the first time, as well as the electric C3, which met with great success throughout the show.

Citroën has already been present in Indonesia, where it did not fare so well, and if the brand still means something to previous generations and car enthusiasts, it is largely unknown to younger generations, which does not make it easy to break into this market. However, contrary to all expectations, the orders received by the brand at this show were quite good, with Citroën recording 221 orders, with unexpected success for a certain model. In fact, while it is the C3 Aircross that the brand has the vehicle most likely to make the bulk of sales, it is the electric C3 that has received the largest number of orders with 167 units, while the brand's new SUV has found 48 customers. Finally, the C3 with its thermal engines was the subject of only 6 orders.

The reason for the success of the electric C3 in Indonesia is mainly due to its relatively affordable price, since it sells for 395 million rupiah or 23,950 euros, but also to the fact that it has an automatic gearbox, the preferred option for Indonesian consumers.

221 orders may not seem like a lot for Citroën in such a large market, but you have to take into account that the brand is not known and is entering the large Indonesian market. Above all, this figure should be compared with the sales of comparable brands such as Peugeot, which are only a few units per month. This figure is therefore a good sign for Citroën, which still has some way to go, but which can rely on this relatively good start to hope for rapid progress on the Indonesian market, where the brand has great ambitions.

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Aug 29, 2023

Do we know when deliveries will be starting?

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