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Citroën teams up with MediaWorld in Italy for Ami

three Citroën Amis in the MediaWorld store in Milan, Italy

If Ami is a huge success in France, it is equally so in Italy, which is positioned as the second market for the small Citroën chip, which intends to remain the leader despite the arrival of its sister, the Fiat Topolino. Citroën is launching the second market by announcing a partnership with MediaWorld that will allow the Ami to be sold directly on the Italian group's website.

With the Ami, Citroën has returned to its boldness and non-conformism, which it is continuing today in Italy through a new partnership with MediaWorld, one of the world's largest electronics groups and European leader: the partnership makes it possible to buy the emblematic Citroën Ami directly at the MediaWorld Technology Village in Milan, Viale Certosa, or on the website.

A collaboration that underlines Citroën's boldness and constant desire to innovate by making its vehicles available not only in the brand's dealerships, but also in the most unexpected places to reach an even wider and younger audience.

Alessandro Musumeci, Marketing Director of Citroën in Italy: "I am proud to announce the collaboration between MediaWorld and Citroën. Two realities that share the same objectives around common themes: the search for innovation, the absolute centrality of the customer in business strategies and an ever greater attention to issues related to sustainability distinguish us on the market and unite our paths. "

For his part, Vittorio Buonfiglio, COO MediaWorld, affirms: "We are very pleased to welcome this absolute novelty within the MediaWorld Tech Village in Milano Certosa. The value of environmental sustainability is at the heart of the company's strategies, which take the form of store energy sustainability policies, the promotion of low-impact products, regenerated appliances and a full range of soft and electric mobility solutions, all initiatives that fall under the MediaWorld "Better Way" brand. We are therefore happy to work with companies that, like us, see technological evolution as the key to living and moving in a greener world".

The partnership also unites Citroën and MediaWorld in a visible and concrete way, offering customers of both brands a dedicated experience. For this occasion, the partnership foresees the presence of Citroën Ami at the MediaWorld Technology Village in Milan, located in Viale Certosa, in a branded space entirely dedicated to the new collaboration. The point of sale will be completed by dedicated workstations, including a special QR code that will allow anyone interested to order their Citroën Ami online. A simple and immediate solution for an increasingly user-friendly way of purchasing, requiring only the scanning of the QR code and a few subsequent steps. In addition, the Viale Certosa store will offer an exclusive advantage for the launch of the initiative: the 36-month "MY AMI CARE" warranty included in the price of the Citroën Ami.

If sales in Fnac/Darty outlets were the first to take place in France, it is now coming to Italy with MediaWorld, which will include Ami in its offer both in stores and on the Internet, which should enable the Ami's fine career to continue in Italy, where more than 10,000 units have already been sold. Citroën is on the offensive and does not intend to leave the Italian market with the next arrival of Fiat, this initiative shows it and it will increase the visibility of the small Citroën and therefore develop its sales.

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תגובה אחת
13 באוג׳ 2023

Il me semble que Fiat ira vers une catégorie de clients différente avec un look nostalgique qui fait plus haut-de-gamme. Je ne serai pas surpris qu’elle soit vendue plus chère que l’Ami. Attendons de voir, mais si Citroën garde son positionnement actuel, il devrait rester une bonne partie de clientèle pour son produit. D’autant plus que le prix me paraît un élément déterminant pour ce type de véhicule.

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