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Citroën rewarded again in the United Kingdom

The Citroën AMI and Oli have enabled Citroën to win the Sustainability Initiative Award.

In addition to the energy transition, the Stellantis Group is committed to the development of more sustainable cars, in particular Citroën, which has demonstrated its work with the Oli concept, but also Ami since 2020. The brand's commitment, which is an integral part of its strategy, was rewarded in the United Kingdom with the Sustainability Initiative Award.

Citroën has just been named the winner of the Sustainability Initiative at the 2023 Auto Trader New Car Awards. The judges praised Citroën's active involvement in the Carbon Literacy project and the innovation and creative thinking behind the Friend and Oli quadricycle concept. Reducing the impact of road transport is a huge challenge for car manufacturers, but a vital one both in terms of tangible environmental benefits and presenting a socially responsible image to an increasingly engaged consumer - this is what Citroën is committed to, and what it will bring to series production with its future models.

Erin Baker, editorial director of Auto Trader, said: "Creating repairable, reusable and recyclable products is an essential step in decarbonising the automotive industry and Citroën, with products like the Ami and Oli, has clearly demonstrated that this is not just a possibility, but the future of car manufacturing.Our judges were impressed by Citroën's commitment to putting sustainability at the heart of its business, training staff on sustainability and environmental issues from the outset and ensuring this is reflected in all its business decisions."

Greg Taylor, Managing Director of Citroën UK, said: "It's fantastic that our commitment to sustainability has been recognised at the Auto Trader New Car Awards. For us at Citroën, the future is not just about bigger and bigger batteries, huge EV ranges and giant electric SUVs. Instead, we believe it's time to think about doing things differently. Oli et Ami 100% Electric reflects the brand's unique, intelligent and creative vision for the future of efficient and sustainable urban mobility.

In conclusion, Citroën's commitment to a brand that is more concerned with the environment and sustainable development is rewarded with this Sustainability Initiative prize, which salutes Ami and the Oli concept. With this concept, Citroën has paved the way and shown the way for its future models, but also for the next Stellantis vehicles, as they will be based on the work carried out by the brand. Once again, Citroën was ahead of the game with all the audacity that characterises it.

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