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Citroën opens orders for My Ami Buggy: on the way to a sales record?

La Citroën My Amii Buggy revient pour une deuxième série limitée à 300 exemplaires

Launched last May, the second series of the Citroën My Ami Buggy goes on sale today, 20 June at 10 a.m. Last year, the 50 units sold out in less than 18 minutes, how long will it take to sell this second series?

In 2022, Citroën surprised the world by launching the first series of the My Ami Buggy, based on the concept of the same name presented at the end of 2021. At the time, Citroën was very cautious, opting for a limited production run of just 50 cars, to be sold only in France. On the same day, 20 June 2022, orders were opened, which proved to be a real success as the 50 units were all sold in less than 18 minutes.

Building on the success of this first series, the brand has therefore decided to offer a second series of My Ami Buggy, this time much less limited, with 1,000 units on sale, including 300 for France alone. Orders can be placed from today, 20 June, for the 9 countries where the small beach buggy will be sold. This second version takes up the codes of the first, with a khaki-coloured body and yellow elements, but adds some new features, such as the transparent tarpaulins, which allow greater versatility and for which the door frames had to be redesigned in order to be able to attach them. Similarly, the roof is now adorned with a visor, to be even more faithful to the concept, this visor allows a better seal of the soft top, allowing it to be better stretched when closed.

Orders will open on 20 June at 10am for France at a price of €10,490, from which the €900 bonus will be deducted. Orders will be placed online at the following address: How soon will the 300 units in France be gone?

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