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Citroën launches The Citroënist, a magazine on electric mobility in Switzerland

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As you know, Citroën wants to make electric cars accessible to everyone, and beyond the purchase price alone, the brand wants to make the transition to all-electric as easy as possible. To this end, Citroën is launching an online magazine in Switzerland called The Citroënist, which aims to make electric mobility understandable and acceptable.

Previously, "The Citroënist" was a small information brochure that Citroën published every year in Switzerland to report on electromobility, present Citroën's electrified models and provide information on interesting offers from the brand. As part of a new concept, the Zurich-based communications agency Emil Frey Digital has transformed the information brochure into an entertaining digital magazine that fulfils the same objectives, hence the name: The Citroënist, the digital magazine about Ë mobility.

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Available at, the new digital magazine aims not only to make electric mobility easier to understand and to avoid mistakes, but also to present Citroën's visions and ideas for Ë-mobility, in particular Citroën AMI and the Oli concept. In addition to valuable knowledge and practical advice on all aspects of electric mobility, the brand's electrified models, cars and vans, are presented in eight short videos by two Swiss car testers, Megan Kohler and Carla Welti, in a charming and humorous way. The videos were designed and produced by Emil Frey Digital specifically for this new magazine.

In addition to a range of activities for garage owners, the creative team developed an eye-catching national digital campaign consisting of an e-newsletter, several native ads and various social media activities. These include two organic teasers followed by organic posts, posts, stories and story announcements. A homepage slider also links to the digital magazine on the Citroën site.

Vanessa Maruccia, Marketing Manager at Citroën Switzerland, commented on the new digital magazine: "Our new digital magazine 'The Citroënist' is a successful mix of knowledge, information and entertainment that makes it easy to get to grips with the subject of mobility in general and Citroën electric mobility in particular. In addition, the main advantage of our models, their unique comfort, is presented in a fun way in cool videos ".

Citroën is certainly firing on all cylinders to make the electric car accessible: after the price reduction of its C4 electric car in France and the launch of Citroën Energy in Germany, the brand is launching this magazine dedicated to electric mobility online, which will allow you to find out more about Citroën's offers and to find out more about this ongoing energy transition.

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