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Citroën launches Care Festival in India

Citroën launches Care Festival in India from 17 October to 4 November

India is an important market for Citroën, where the brand intends to establish itself and use its assembly plant to conquer other Asian markets, including Indonesia. While the new C3 Aircross has just been launched, Citroën is announcing the Care Festival, which will allow Indian consumers to benefit from numerous discounts.

The Citroën Care Festival, which runs from 17 October to 4 November, allows Indian consumers to benefit from exceptional offers on maintenance, accessories and the C3. The brand is offering a free health package that monitors 40 points on the vehicle, as well as gifts for appointments booked on the website, and customers will also benefit from a 15% discount on maintenance products and 10% off certain accessories or labour.

But Citroën is going even further, especially for the C3, which is in trouble on the Indian market, especially in its thermal versions. In addition, the brand is offering customers a "peace of mind" offer on the C3, which allows them to start paying in 2024 for any order and delivery before 31 October, while enjoying a range of benefits (in particular warranty extension) worth 99,000 rupees or around €1,100.

With this "Care Festival", Citroën is reinforcing its positioning in India as a brand that cares about its customers, while at the same time trying to sell off its stock, particularly of the C3, which seems to be having some difficulties. These two weeks of promotions, including the interesting one on the C3, should therefore allow Citroën to increase its visibility, as its network in India has just reached 99 units, but is still too small given the vastness of the territory.

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