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Citroën is not in competition with Dacia for Thierry Koskas

The new Citroën ëC3 in its You finish at €99/month

For several months now, rumours have been circulating that Citroën was going to move down-market to take on the low-cost brands. The brand has responded strongly with the new C3, which, although very accessible, is by no means a low-cost car, since it integrates all the necessary equipment and even more, notably with the Advanced Comfort suspension.

As soon as the new C3 was unveiled, comparisons between Citroën and Dacia began to appear, more or less indicating that the Romanian brand was in Citroën's sights and that the two brands would stand together. However, Thierry Koskas, the head of Citroën, reminded us that the brand with the chevron is not in direct competition with Dacia, but is aiming for a completely different competition.

For the boss of the brand, Citroën does not compete with Dacia because it has a wider range from segment B to segment D with the C5 segments B and C. If there is competition between Dacia and Citroën, it is not in all segments, but in a few. As Thierry Koskas points out: "You are now comparing us with a brand that we respect enormously. But the difference between Dacia and Citroën is that we are a brand with a hundred years of history. We also have different core values: comfort, simplicity, sustainability and courage. The cars have to be affordable for everyone, but we also produce larger models like the C5 Aircross and the C5 X. So Citroën's positioning as a brand is not the same as Dacia's. We compete with Dacia on some models, but not on all. "

For the brand boss, the most important thing with the new electric C3 was to be able to offer an electric car that is both accessible and equipped with all the necessary features and the comfort that the brand is known for: a real difference for Citroën, offering something unique on the market. The new C3 is also Citroën's response to the Chinese manufacturers, who have quickly established themselves on the European market, particularly thanks to their low prices. With this C3, and the forthcoming C3 Aircross, Citroën is responding to this offensive by Chinese brands.

In an interview with Auto Week magazine, Thierry Koskas said: "The main question was: can we create a car that can compete with Chinese models, but with production in Europe? Thanks to the great work of our engineers, we have achieved this. And yes, this is largely a response to the Chinese offensive".

With the new C3, Citroën is thus demonstrating its new positioning as a brand that is accessible to all and that appeals to everyone by offering popular cars. And although the new C3 is not expensive, Citroën's strength lies in the added value it offers its customers by offering a wide range that will be 100% electrified by 2025. Beyond price, Citroën's four other pillars of simplicity, durability, comfort and audacity will make it a truly unique brand on the market, with not one but several competitors depending on the market segment.


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