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Citroën in France: reasons for satisfaction despite disappointing figures

The restyled Citroën C3 sees its sales increase by 41% in France in May

The latest figures published for the month of May in France have caused serious concern for enthusiasts of the brand which, despite sales up 13.6% to 9,849 units, ranked 5th in sales with a market share only 6.8%. However, despite this rather gloomy picture, positive notes are to be taken as rather interesting signs of recovery.

The first positive note is the very good performance of Citroën sales of commercial vehicles which, after a few months of significant decline, picked up sharply in May, allowing Citroën to see its sales jump by 21.1% to have a share market share of 19.2% which allows it to be second in sales and first in Stellantis. The brand is thus enjoying great success with the Berlingo Van, first in its segment in May, as well as with the electric versions where Citroën occupies first place with the Berlingo Van and the Jumpy, first in their respective segments.

The other reasons for satisfaction come from the C3 and C3 Aircross, which saw their volumes jump in May 2023 with an increase of 41% for the C3 and 53% for the C3 Aircross compared to May 2022. Similarly, the C5 X leads the sedans and station wagons in the D segment, a score that it repeats with the plug-in hybrid version which weighs 40% of sales in the D-PHEV segment.

So of course, all is not rosy and, with fifth place in sales in France, Citroën cannot boast of impressive performances, but there are still some positive notes that announce the arrival of better days. In particular, a significant increase in orders which places Citroën as the generalist brand of Stellantis having received the most orders in May, which allows it to see its market share in the private sales segment progress and which should have a positive impact in the coming months.

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