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Citroën gives the C4 a facelift

Illustration of the restyled third generation Citroën C4
Illustration : Laurent Reynes / Passionnément Citroën

Some 4 years after its presentation, the third generation of the Citroën C4 will pass through the restyling box in 2024 with solid changes to the programme that will see its entire front face revised. Carried by a daring concept that mixes the codes of SUVs with those of sedans, the C4 still stands out in the automotive landscape and has not aged, but it will have to face the new stylistic codes of the brand, in particular the new logo.

The third generation Citroën C4 introduced a more assertive style for the brand, as well as the Y-shaped visual signature of the CXperience concept, but for its restyling it will have to adopt the new Citroën aesthetic codes presented by the oli concept.

The restyling of the C4 will therefore see the entire front end reworked, with a more vertical logo and a black radiator grille, as from now on we will find these stylistic touches throughout the range. This restyling should also be the opportunity for the C4 to abandon the two-stage headlamps already ended on the C5 Aircross, new headlamps should thus be fitted to the car that will be in one piece and probably very worked, this will make it possible to put an end to the projectors that are sometimes considered too bulky and not refined enough. A new logo, a new grille, new headlights and a new front grille, as the design of the front grille has been completely reworked, with an air vent that takes up the herringbone pattern that appeared on the redesigned C3 Aircross and is gradually being extended to the entire range.

The front end will have eaten up a large part of the budget allocated to the restyling of the C4, which should therefore be much more subtle on the rest of the body. At most, we could see revised rear lights, a little more refined or with a more technological design. As far as the interior is concerned, will Citroën modify the instrument panel, which is considered too small by the motoring press? Difficult to know at the moment, the brand will also depend on the budget available for the restyling, but we bet that if the handset is not new, the colours will be changed to match the blacks of the screen and the surround so that they merge more.

In conclusion, it is a major restyling that awaits the future C4, which must integrate the new logo while its design was planned for the old one, this will therefore require the brand to change many elements as the C3 Aircross. restyled. Whether Citroën will have the possibility to change more things on this restyling, it is much too early to say, but with this new front, the C4 will be boosted for the second part of its career with the ambition to be better.

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