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Citroën extends its partnership with MediaMarkt in Turkey

The Citroën Ami in a corner of a MediaMarkt store in Türkiye

Following a first collaboration in Italy in 2022, Citroën and Mediamarkt are extending their partnership to Turkey, where the brand's small chip will be sold in home appliances stores. With more than 2,750 units sold on the Turkish market since its launch, the Citroën Ami has created a new market segment in which it reigns supreme.

Launched on the Turkish market in December 2021 for companies and in June 2022 for private customers, the Citroën Ami has been well received by the public, with 2,750 units sold to date and 3,000 expected by the end of the year. Ami's appeal is not diminishing, as demonstrated by the sales figures for the Buggy version, the units reserved for the Turkish market, which sold extremely quickly and clearly show how Ami meets the needs of customers.

With this in mind, Citroën wants to increase the visibility of its little city chip so that as many people as possible can see it, test it and become aware of its qualities. This is why the brand is extending its partnership with the MediaMarkt consumer electronics chain, where Ami will be present in the renovated Istanbul store. The MediaMarkt Istanbul Marmara Park store, which has been transformed into a real technology arena, is the centre of the customer experience, a store with a new concept where all technology lovers can discover the latest innovations in a unique atmosphere. The Citroën Ami, which continues to be popular for meeting the short-distance mobility needs of private and business customers, is on display at the Citroën stand in the customer experience area at the entrance to the store. This specially designed stand gives customers the opportunity to view the model and purchase it online. The Citroën Ami stand, located in the MediaMarkt Tech Arena store in Marmara Park Avm, will showcase Citroën Ami's innovative and accessible mobility solutions to customers for 6 months. The latest technologies will be presented to visitors through boutiques and mini-experience zones in the sales area of the store, offering the opportunity to directly experience technological trends.

This new partnership between MediaMarkt and Citroën will allow Ami to be more visible and tested, especially among young customers, where it is all the rage. This presence in a store dedicated to the latest technologies is amusing in itself, as Ami ignores all the technological nature of the latest cars to concentrate on the essential, namely electric driving with sufficient autonomy to face the city in complete safety. simplicity. There is a kind of gap between Ami and the products offered in MediaMarkt stores, but it is precisely this gap that gives strength to Ami's proposal, that of a simple car that concentrates on the essentials but is perceived as a technological product.

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